The Best Parenting Blogs for 2018

SnugBaby.net Top 10 Parenting Blog, 2018
Yvette here!  Regardless of your ‘level’ of parenting, we’re ALL totally brand new to being a Mom or Dad at one time or another.  Shoot, with Steven well into his ‘terrible 2’s’, and Amelia on the way in 3 months, I STILL feel lost at times! LOL

At any rate, contrary to popular belief, most people don’t just “know” what to do when having a baby.  They don’t magically know how to become the perfect parent.

It’s my goal here to save you some hassle & headaches searching for answers to your parenting questions with a list of the BEST parenting blogs of 2018!

This isn’t a typical list you see on most of the “mega” parenting sites who publish top parent bloggers they’re BFF’s with.  I’m new to this, I don’t have any friends in this ‘industry’ yet, so I’m just sharing who made an impact on us as parents! 🙂

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The Best Parenting Blogs for 2018!


(Fun Side Note, our Toddler Steven just ran in, saw the GIF above, said “SIlly Baby!” and started shaking his arms and head the same way! LOL – Tried to get him on Video, but he ran off to chase the cats.)

Beth Woolsey

In her own words, Beth is a “writer, a reader, and a laugh-out-louder.” – She does NOT pull any punches or sugar coat things when it comes to parenting, and that’s one of the reasons we love her so much!

My Favorite Posts of hers:

  1. On Sitting in the Ash and Mourning with the World
  2. I Duplicated My Daughter’s Instagram Feed (Because the Internets Need a Laugh, Dammit)

Congrats Beth, a bit dark with the Ash post – but seems like things up that way are going much better now. *Hugs* 🙂


If I can toot my own horn here for a second, SnugBaby (while fairly new) is quickly growing and has quite a few epic blog posts worth checking out!

  1. Best Strollers for Toddlers
  2. 5 Unexpected Potty Training Tips that Flat out WORK

Alpha Mom

Alpha Mom is another of our favorites, and on my personal ‘I gotta share this with my friends’ list.  It was founded and is run by Isabel Kallman, a mother to a 13-year-old son.  They feature a TON of amazing content from not only Isabel, but writers all over the US.  You get advice from all types of moms, which makes this a ‘must bookmark’ website, and another ‘must read’ for 2018!

Our Favorite Alpha Mom Posts:

  1. Things Not To Say To Your Kids. (And You’re Probably Saying Them)
  2. Potty Training and Motivating the Unmotivated Kid (This post got FAR less attention than It should have, but one of my favorites, by far!)

Caffeine And Fairy Dust

C&FD is run by Maz, a caffeine lovin Rock ‘N Rollin Mom from Cape Town, South Africa! She’s a “pull no punches” kinda gal, and worth checking out!

Our Favorite Posts:

  1. Holy Ship Guys – Can We Talk About The Cost Of Schooling?
  2. Sometimes It’s Okay To Quit

Love your style and site, thanks again – i’m off to get some Coffee!

Foster The Family Blog

One mom’s light-hearted musings and heavier broodings on foster care, gospel-centered parenting, and mission-focused family.

Jamie is passionate about encouraging and equipping foster and adoptive parents, inspiring people to get involved in foster care and adoption, and advocating for foster and adopted children.

They have an amazing amazing amazing Non-Profit you should check out too, which was created and exists to support and encourage foster and adoptive families, mobilize and equip the community and church for foster care and adoption, and advocate for vulnerable children.

Some of our favorite posts:

  1. I hate Foster Care

Keep doing what you’re doing guys, the world needs more people like you! <3

Have Baby, Will Travel!

Now THIS is my kinda site, in Steven’s short 2 years and 9 months of life, he’s already left California multiple times and been to: The Caribbean, Disney World in Florida, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Las Vegas, and Hawaii (twice).  For ANY parent traveling with your young ones, this is a *MUST READ WEBSITE*!

They do a FANTASTIC job at this stuff, and it’s hard to list JUST three posts I like, but I’ll do my best!

My 3 Favorite Posts:

  1. Traveling with a Baby? It Gets Easier
  2. Ultimate Tip List for Flying with a Baby or Toddler

Thanks, Corinne, we’re big fans! 🙂

Kristina Kuzmic

Yeah, she’s a TV star, but still – I like this girl, she’s cute, sassy, and has her priorities straight!  We first discovered her on YouTube, and are now daily (well, weekly) watchers and stalkers of her YouTube Channel and Facebook Page!

She’s been on the Radio, on Oprah, she’s kind of a big deal and we see why!

She’s known for her videos more than her blog, but once you watch a few, you’ll see why:

Mama Knows It All

Mama knows it all was created by Brandi, a Nor Cal African-American Mom Blogger, mother of 2, and badass wife.  According to Brandi on her site, “Eight years ago, I was a single mother living in Philadelphia and was looking for a way to both celebrate and  work through the challenges of being a new mom. I started Mama Knows It All to chronicle my own personal journey. This site has evolved, though, and now it is a resource for women around the world who are looking for encouragement as they figure out what being a mom means for them. In addition to helpful tips and information, I share intimate stories about my life and my family to let other women know that regardless of their circumstances, they are not alone.”

Check out:

  1. 17 reasons why your baby might be crying
  2. Moms can be exhausted and happy at the same time

Diggin the content, Brandi, keep it coming!

Pregnant Chicken

With blog topics such as “Asshattery”, and “For Dads”, and “Scary Shit Series”- we knew we’d love this one the moment we first saw it – and we were right!

This is definitely one of the more funny blogs we’re reviewing, and we think you’ll get a kick out of it too!  Amy and her team do a KILLER job at this site, and I know you’ll enjoy it!

Be sure to check out:

  1. Being Pregnant in the Summertime is Like…
  2. 20 Things I Learned From My First 4 Months of Parenthood

Plenty of other good articles, they definitely ‘keep it real AF’, as the kids say! (At least I think they do??)

Modern Mom

Modern Mom actually surprised me, it APPEARS at first glance like a well done “Mom Blog”, but actually has a pretty big presense behind it (Such as Brooke Burke, TV Host, Podcaster, Author, Entreprenuer, and one of Social Medias’s most followed moms – AND Internet Business Pioneer Lisa Rosenblatt, co-founded of iMALL which sold for $565m.

Well done guys, well done!

Anyway, ModernMom is a trusted resource and online community for the “Woman Behind the Mom,” with practical tips, advice, videos and information on parenting, pregnancy, family, career, health, beauty, cooking, crafts and more.

Check out:

  1. Baking Must-Haves For Making Sweet Treats!
  2. Brooke Burke’s Favorite Healthy Recipes

Cool Mom Picks

These guys are making a major impact, WOW!  Not only do they “Mom Blog”, but they take on social issues, and even help get the word out on disaster relief! *Bravo!*

This is actually a pretty bi website it turns out, it was started in 2006 by Kristen & Liz to help make life cooler, easier, more organized, more meaningful, and more fun for parents of all kinds!

Here are a few of our favorite posts this dynamic duo (that’s not copyrighted is it?) put together:

  1. 8 outstanding Holocaust books for kids. It’s hard and it’s important.
  2. 10 easy non-sandwich school lunch ideas your kids will actually eat.

The Bragging Mommy

The Bragging Mommy consists of a group of 5 momtns with 15 kids!  They love to “Brag” about products & companies they think are fabolous.  So yeah, it’s a product review website, BUT it’s full of great info and they don’t review a single thing that they don’t use first hand!

Besides the reviews, their site is full of GREAT parenting info that we read/listen to/act on regularly.

My Favorite Posts of theirs:

  1. The Best Ways to Adapt Your Home for Toddlers
  2. 5 Reasons to Take Your Kids Swimming This Summer

Real Mom Nutrition

Real Mom Nutrition was founded by Sally, a REGISTERED DIETITION and Mom – so it’s worth giving her advice some thought! 🙂

Sally started the blog in 2009 with the goal of reassuring fellow moms that it’s okay to NOT be perfect, not have all the answers, and have kids who prefer mac-n-cheese to mushroom risotto.

She keeps it real, and we’re honored to share her blog with you today!

Our Favorite Posts:

  1. The “Snack Dinner” Is Your Best Friend When You’re Too Tired to Cook
  2. What I Love About The Instant Pot (And What I Don’t)

LIterary Mama

Literary Mama first started to take shape in 2002 as a class called Writing About Motherhood taught in Berkeley, California by Amy Hudock. A group of mothers continued meeting at the conclusion of the class, and within months, had connected with other mother writers who, like them, were producing work that was deemed too complex for glossy parenting magazines and too mother-centric for traditional literary journals.

Things grew from there when they published their own online magazine, and boom – we have the Literary Mama of today!

2 Posts Worth Your Time:

  1. A Life in F# Major
  2. Ten Books

Selfish Mother

This one’s a lot of fun, when my favorite post is titled How to raise children who don’t turn out to be complete dicks. – you know it’s going to be a fun one! LOL

This isn’t a site about how to look after your kids. It’s a space to share what us parents are really thinking; a world away from that image of ‘perfection’ the media would have us striving for. Think of Selfish Mother as an online tête-à-tête with likeminded friends – some of whom might be on the other side of the world. This site is a chance for us to breathe a sigh of relief and say ‘Phew… I’m not alone.’

Our favorite posts of SM:

  1. How to raise children who don’t turn out to be complete dicks.
  2. Why I won’t stop lying beside my daughter to help her sleep

Clarks Condensed

You know when a site has recipes for Instant Pot Questo Dip Recipes, we’re going to be all over it like *funny thing* on *another funny thing*!

Clarks Condensed was started in January 2013 when Katie was trying to find a way to stay home with her baby, Jack, but still use her degree in journalism. After struggling with depression during pregnancy (which was often fueled by the negativity towards motherhood online), she wanted to make sure other parents knew having children wouldn’t ruin their lives.

She attended the Online Blog Con a few month’s previous, and after participating in an internship with HealthCareScene.com, she knew blogging professionally was something she wanted to do. She had blogged since her senior year of high school and always loved sharing her thoughts and experiences with others.

Definitely a fun site, so check them out and the following posts:

  1. 10 Ways to Raise A Compassionate Child
  2. Chores for Kids 101: What You Should Know

Keep it up guys, love your website, and congrats on it’s growing success! 🙂

All Things Fadra

Fadra Nally works as a social media professional and lives the suburban life just outside of Baltimore, MD. When she’s not chasing after her son, dogs, cats, and husband, she spends her time writing about the interesting things in life and dreaming about her next adventure.

She believes in being kind, treading lightly, living more simply, and looking good while doing it all.

This is the first “mom blog” i’ve seen that features a section on CARS, so you better believe Jeff (being a bit of a car nut) spent plenty of time checking it out too!

Anyway, a couple of our favorites! 🙂

  1. What You Need to Know About How We Hear
  2. And then my heart went off to 5th grade

A Day in Motherhood

This wonderful site is run by Lori Pac, a 45 year old mom “and thrilled, but often struggling, single mother of three daughters.”

In her “previous life”, she was a stockbroker climbing her way to the middle. She became a mother at 33 and, in less than 3 years, added two more daughters to her brood.

Now, she’s a work at home single mom, and feels she needs a place to complain, express frustration, and share the joys and laughter of her mothering 3 girls.

A couple of our favorites:

  1. 4 Activities to Charge Up Summer Play
  2. Should My Daughter Have Her Own Room?

Aha Parenting

In this site, Dr. Laura Markham shares actionable advice for parents of newborns to teenagers. This is definitely unlike any of the other blogs mentioned on this site, and definitely one I could NOT leave out.  Dr Laura’s approach to parenting is…refreshing, to say the least, so give her some love!

A couple favorites:

  1. Talking with kids about emotions in daily life
  2. The 6 Step Process for Emotion-Coaching when your child is upset

Coming in last, but certainly not least (remember, these are in NO particular order, honestly!) is:

Positive Parenting Solutions

This website dubs itself “The leader in online training for parents of toddlers to teens. Stop wishing away misbehaviors and learn tools to create a happier home.”, and we can’t argue with that! With over 1,200,000 followers on FaceBook, and 12,000 on Twitter, they’re worth paying attention to!

Parenting educator and TODAY Show contributor, Amy McCready is a ‘former yeller’ – she’s been in your shoes. So she understands what it is like to feel disappointed and even defeated at times trying to raise positive, happy, well-behaved children. Now, she’s trained more than 60,000 parents in over 21 countries, on 6 continents to transform themselves from YELLERS to calm and cool parents with the tools and strategies to solve the stress, and start to ENJOY their most important job: Raising terrific kids.

A couple favorites:

  1. Scripts and Tips for Talking to Your Kids about Sexual Harassment – Positive Parenting Solutions
  2. Five Tips for More Grateful Kids – Positive Parenting Solutions

The Fashionable Housewife

Alright alright, this blog isn’t STRICTLY a parenting blog, but they have a parenting section that’s updated frequently enough to make me a fan!

She has a fun approach to parenting, and makes ya feel good about being a Mom! 🙂

A couple favorites:

  1. 5 Signs That Mean You Will Be A Good Mom
  2. Getting Out The Door Fast When You Have More Than One Child

Alright, I think that’s it for now, as much as I’d love to list more amazing blogs, I did limit myself to 20 for this! 🙂

EVERY Single one of these blogs is here for ONE specific reason:

They deserve to be here!

Their amazing content, outlook on life and parenting, humor, and dedication to their families

Is there anybody I missed? Anybody you’d like to see considered for next years Top Parenting Blogs, post?

Thanks for reading this, and PLEASE share it on your Social Channels to help get the word out about these AMAZING people and their stories.

Yvette & Jeff (but mostly Yvette) 🙂

Jeff and Yvette

Jeff & his Wife Yvette live in Anaheim Hills, in Orange County California. They're fans of Disneyland, and traveling, and are parents to TWO Awesome Kid, Steven Andrew (10/21/2015), and Amelia Ann (9/19/2018) :-)

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