Co-ed Baby Shower Games

A baby shower is a celebration to welcome the little one who is on his way. All baby showers would have tasty snacks and pretty cakes. But if you really wish to impress your guests, have some exciting and funny games for the hour. With these exciting games, you can celebrate your emotions, fun, and laughter.

Coolest Coed Baby Shower Games to Sparkle your Day

It is important to organize an amazing baby shower for the would-be parents and allow them to celebrate the feeling of being parents. Below is the list of coolest and funniest games to be played in the baby shower event. These games will change the dynamics of your special day, so let’s get ahead!

#1. The funny Clothesline game

You would need the below material to play this amazing game:

  • Clothesline
  • Clothespins
  • Baby doll for players
  • Tape
  • Each team would need two laundry baskets
  • Lots of baby clothes
  • Mobile phone for each player

Here goes the game-

This game is loved by most people, no matter what’s age. The tape needs to be tied up to walls or pillar, if possible. All the players have to line up on either side of the clothesline. Each player will hold a mobile phone in one hand and a baby doll in the other hand. A pile of clothes will be kept in the basket.

Each player has to attempt to pin up as many clothes on the clothesline from the basket. The challenge is that one has to do this task holding the baby doll and mobile phone at the same time. And the player with maximum clothes pined is the winner.

#2. Who gets it right??

This excited coed baby shower game is easy and full of joy. You just need to have some funny, heartwarming, and secretive facts of the to-be parents, paper cuts, a tape, and a pen or marker.

This is how to play it –

Get the funny facts written on the paper cuts and tack them around the party hall. Let the guests read and guess if the quote belongs to the mom to be or the dad to be. The winner is the one who gets most of them right.

#3. What’s the baby called?

It is a very interesting game and can involve all the guests at the shower. Men sometimes feel awkward at such parties. This would be an ice breaker for all of them.

You need to make a list of animals and leave a blank space after it. Let the guest fill in the blank spaces. The blank space should have the name of the animal’s baby. Isn’t it easy!!

For example,

  • Ant – antling
  • Lion- calf
  • Rabbit- kit
  • Horse- foal
  • Dog – puppy
  • Goat – kid


#4. The balloon/ diaper game

This is a very exciting game for the moms and the mom-to-be at the baby shower. You will need a list of materials for this game. Balloons, diapers, a handful of safety pins, and a cloth to blindfold.

You need to blindfold each player, then place a diaper and a blown balloon with few pins in front of them. Just count one to three and the players have to diaper the balloon in the best possible way. The challenge is without bursting any of the balloon with the pins.

#5. Blow, Pop, and Race

Blow, pop, and race is one of the easiest coed baby shower games and can be played with large groups. This will simply get the guest rock their bump and pop. All you need is some balloons.

Get a balloon for each guest and divide all of them into teams- maybe five or six. When the game starts, the first person from every team will race to blow the balloon and stick it to their shirt. This is followed by the next person and so on.

Once, the balloon is sported by each of the players in the team, the first player will have to attempt to pop his balloon. As soon as he pops his balloon, the next player goes up and so on. The team which pops all of their balloons first wins the game.

#6. Guess the baby food

This game sounds a bit tricky but is undoubtedly interesting and funny to play. The game will show how well your friends and family know about their baby’s food.

You will need the list of items given below to start the game-

  • Baby food jars
  • Few spoons to taste
  • Paper cuts
  • Sharpie

Baby food jars should contain baby food with common flavors- be it banana, chocolate, strawberry, peach, etc. Put all the jars on a table. Do not forget to number the jars with a sharpie. Let the guests taste each baby food flavor in the jars with the spoon. Make them write down the number of the jar stating its flavor.

In the end, when everybody has noted the number of the jar with its flavor of food in it, call out the correct flavor in the respective jars. The guest who would be able to guess most of it right will be announced as the winner.

#7. Place the baby right

Have you played pin the tail on a donkey? If yes, then this game would be far exciting to play. All you need is, get prepared with a poster picture of the mommy standing with her cute belly. Give a cutout picture of a baby to each guest.

Blindfold them and spin them for 2 to 3 turns. Each guest should walk towards the poster picture of the mommy to be and correctly pin the baby picture on the mom. You have to get this closest to her tummy.  The one who is closest of all will be the winner.

#8. No saying Baby

Your coed baby shower games would be more interactive and funny with this easy game. You need to get at least five clothespins for each guest. As soon as your guest arrives for the baby shower, all you need to give them a small instruction.

No saying baby!!

Each guest should keep their ears clear and if they hear any of the other guests saying baby, they will get to take out one of that guest clothespin. At the end of your baby shower, the guest couple who is left out with all or most of the clothespin will be the winner.

Isn’t it funny and interesting??

#9. Guess the price right!

It is quite easy to prep for this game. Get a few cut-out pictures of baby items from magazines or from the internet and get them printed. Get a paper and pen for each guest. Display the baby item pictures so that the guests could see them clear. You can also give a small description of the baby item. The guests have to guess and write the correct or closest price for that item. The one with the most correct ones is the winner.

Closing Note

Yes, arranging and playing coed baby shower games to be played in the event not only makes the guest happy but also gives positive vibes to the lady who is about to start a new life with a little prince or princess in hands.

So, plan well and enjoy baby shower games to the fullest!

Jeff and Yvette

Jeff & his Wife Yvette live in Anaheim Hills, in Orange County California. They're fans of Disneyland, and traveling, and are parents to TWO Awesome Kid, Steven Andrew (10/21/2015), and Amelia Ann (9/19/2018) :-)