10 Indoor Games For THE WHOLE FAMILY! (Coronavirus Quarantine Edition)

10 Indoor Games For THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Every Dark Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Call me a hopeless optimist, but I have actually managed to identify something positive related to this otherwise abhorrent coronavirus quarantine.

Since most of us are working from home and many schools are shut, we all have more time for family!

When the quarantine ends, we’ll all be sucked back into our tumultuous schedules with a vehemence, so we might as well make the most of this free time and spend it on creating memories of a lifetime with our kids!

Surely, your TV sets are going to be overworked during this gloomy period of social seclusion – so how about something engaging and exciting to lift the spirits?

10 Indoor Games For THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Check out our list of coronavirus-anxiety-busting, boredom-crushing, dullness-exterminating indoor games for kids on Amazon!

1) PlayStation

HEAR ME OUT HERE! LOL - to be totally honest, I was a bit reluctant about putting this on the list as parents are hesitant about letting kids play video games.

However, I realized that in today’s world, it’s next to impossible to keep kids away from social media, TV, games and other distractions. If you don’t allow them access to these things at home – they’ll find other avenues (what are friends for? 🙂

A better way to deal with the situation is to teach kids to balance entertainment with study and exercise. (Isn’t that what we all strive for as adults?) That way, they can enjoy video games responsibly. In a way, it would almost be a bit unfair to prevent them from being enthralled by some of the most detailed graphics, riveting special effects and thrilling story lines that these games have to offer. We reckon that even you will enjoy the PS as it has a plethora games for people of varying ages.

Earlier, video games were a sedentary activity but with the incorporation of cutting edge motion sensor technology, kids actually move about more while playing them than they do in a park!

Now we don’t know what your stance on parenting is, but if you think that kids should be allowed to submerge themselves in a world of entrancing fantasy for a little while, go ahead and grab a PlayStation. You’re bound to find some great deals!

Check the price here!

2) Xbox

Xbox Bundle on Amazon

​It’s not possible to talk about PlayStation and leave out Xbox – both of them have some splendid games, services and features on offer.

We’re not going to turn this post into a PS vs Xbox competition. Pick either one and this dreary quarantine will be over in a flash!

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3) Reversible Magnetic Dart Board

Reversible Magnetic Dart Board

​Who doesn’t LOVE Darts? It’s been scientifically proven that if a human being comes across a dart board, they have to try their hand at it! Another proven fact is that whenever a person sees somebody throwing darts, they feel that they can do better. (We were kidding about the scientific part...and the proven fact bit too 🙂

​This board is double sided and since the darts are not sharp (they’re magnetic), it’s quite kid-friendly. The manufacturer says that the recommended age is 5 and up. Darts helps to improve hand-eye coordination and will also serve as a great adult pass-time when you have a few friends over for a couple of cold ones. After the coronavirus quarantine, of course!

Get yours here, on Amazon.com!

4) Trampoline


I don't know about you, but my 1 and 4 year olds have TONSSSS of energy that we now need to find NEW creative ways to burn off - this is one of those ways. 😎

​This is a fabulous gift for kids. We personally guarantee that once they see it, they’ll soon be jumping with joy and amazement! (Pun Intended)

​This trampoline is available in various sizes, ranging from a diameter of 8 to 16 feet. So yeah, while it’s not strictly an indoor toy, it can easily be placed in the front or backyard. It has four U shaped legs made out of rust-resistant, galvanized steel. The safety enclosure netting is a big plus since there are kids involved. Most importantly, the trampoline assembles easily within minutes. It can also be dismembered for convenient storage.

​Thanks to a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds, this trampoline is perfect not just for toddlers, but for older kids and adults as well!

​Equipped with T-connectors, an advanced spring system and a high quality jumping mat, this thing promises to be durable.

​Note: If you have limited space and this trampoline seems a little too big, feel free to check out indoor trampolines on Amazon.

​Get yours here!

5) Above-Ground Swimming Pool

​Since public pools are off limits, why not bring the pool to your home itself! A conventional swimming pool will cost you thousands of dollars to build but this above ground pool is priced at a fraction of that amount!

​You will need a yard to put it in but if you do happen to have the space, there are few other better ways to utilize it than this above ground swimming pool. Surely, you don’t need us to convince you that having a swimming pool is a fantastic idea. After all, the American dream is incomplete without a house with a pool!

​This particular model can be assembled in one hour – it’s ready for water within 60 minutes. It comes with a sand filter pump, pool ladder, ground cloth and a cover as well.

​Your kids will adore this ‘toy’. It will serve as a welcome relief from all the despair spread by the COVID-19 and it’s a smart buy considering that the Summer months are just around the corner.

​The product comes with a 2 year warranty and is a great way to teach kids to learn to swim. The water depth hits the sweet spot at 42 inches. Not too much for kids and yet enjoyable for adults as well.

​PS: If you’re looking for something significantly cheaper that still retains the fun factor, go for an inflatable kids pool instead.

They're surprisingly NOT that expensive:

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6) Water-proof 4x4 Remote Controlled Car

An RC car is a pretty foolproof toy. It’s equally loved by both girls and boys. Even fully grown adults find it hard to restrain themselves from engaging in a bit of reckless driving!

​This car has a 4 wheel drive system and this means that it almost never gets stuck. It has an IPX5 waterproof rating – it can withstand splashes from multiple sides but not total submersion. This is actually a hobbyist grade model which means that it’s incredibly hardy and will likely keep well for a number of years. The toy has a maximum speed of 45 kilometres per hours (approximately 28 mph).

​The RC390 Brush Motor is capable of generating a whopping 21000 revolutions per minute! It has metal, oil-filled shock absorbers at the front and rear and this enables it to tackle grass, concrete, sand and even mid with relative ease. To put it bluntly, for only a few dollars, you can get a toy that gives you more bragging rights than owning an average road-going vehicle. What’s there to think about?

Get Yours Here!

7) Karaoke Machine

KaraoKing Karaoke Machine for Kids & Adults Wireless

​Is your kid the next Beyonce or Bruno Mars? Find out by letting them loose on this quirky Karaoking Karaoke Machine. It will give them the practice and the confidence to perform in front of a crowd.

​The unit’s got a high quality speaker to sing away the quarantine blues. There are two wireless microphones for duets – this is great as the kids will not fight over mic holding rights (unless you’ve got more than two kids, in which case you’ll have to play referee).

​What we loved most about the machine though, was the retro disco ball. It really sets the mood for Karaoke and gets everyone revved up and ready to dance baby! The machine’s even got an echo effect and supports multiple connections such as AUX, USB, Bluetooth and FM radio.

​The wheels at the bottom enable users to move the machine without sweating it. The tablet/mobile holder is a nice touch and the equalizer settings will make your kids feel like a true-blue DJ.

8) Ride-on Horse/Unicorn Toy


​This mechanical toy cannot replace a real pony but it’s the next best thing. It encourages kids to be active as they provide the up and down rocking motion that makes the horse/unicorn go forward. The toy can be ridden indoors as well as outdoors. There are various sizes depending upon how old your kids are. The unicorn with the pink horn is a girls’ favorite. Boys might prefer the good old brown horse with the white blaze and four white socks.

​Since the toy is big, it cannot be shipped whole. Still, it assembles within 5 minutes and comes with a 2 year warranty. A real pony doesn’t have a warranty; looks like we found you a great deal.

​Experience the joy of riding a pony (or unicorn) minus the kicks!

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9) Indoor Tent


​Boys can have the castle theme while girls can opt for the princess tent. This toy ensures hours of enjoyable play and gives kids their own personal space where they can rest or play without making a mess all over the house.

The tents do indeed look fabulous and the lights add a flavor of festivity. The whole thing is very easy to assemble and take down – it’s also a great hit among guests. Surely, the quarantine won’t last forever, right? 🙂

Find yours on Amazon.com!

10) Gigantic Keyboard Play Mat

​Yes, kids will create a din when they first step on this keyboard mat but if you help and guide them, they’ll be playing simple tunes with their feet! How about learning to play happy birthday or twinkle twinkle?

​This mat can be set up within a couple of minutes and it motivates children (and grown ups) to stop lazying around and get some blood flowing through their bodies. If you’re kids develop an affinity for the mat, you could even get the real thing i.e. a proper keyboard.

​We hope you enjoyed going through our list of (mostly) indoor toys that can be ordered on Amazon. Please tell us which one was your pick of the lot in the comments section below.

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