How to Make A Baby – Our Definitive Guide to Getting It On!

How to Make a Baby

Making a Baby…it’s just a ‘one step process’, right?

Not exactly…

Learning how to make a baby would seem to be a matter of simple biological instinct, and in many ways that is exactly what it is.

But there’s more to conceiving a baby and getting prepared to care for it than simple biology.

Quite a bit more actually. Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

How to Make A Baby…the right way

By actually taking the time to plan for your pregnancy, and preparing yourself for caring for your newborn, you can help make things quite a bit easier and less chaotic for yourself.

With no shortage of people in the world, it might seem like conceiving is easy, and for some people it is. But, even if you are one of those lucky people that can conceive easily, there are steps you should take ahead of time to help ensure that you have a happy and healthy baby.

The following guide should help you to learn about the things you should do to prepare for conception, how you plan to conceive, and also how to increase your odds of successfully conceiving.

1.) Make Sure That You Involve Your Doctor

Involve your Doctor

For a lot of people, pregnancies aren’t planned, which means that their baby probably has not been conceived under the most ideal conditions.

If that happens there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you have the advantage of planning your pregnancy ahead of time, then you should definitely use that advantage.

How can you use this to your advantage?

You can use your choice to plan your pregnancy to your advantage by involving your doctor.

If you discuss with your doctor your plans to get pregnant, they can do a battery of tests to ensure that your body is healthy enough to safely carry a baby to term.

Your doctor can also prescribe prenatal vitamins so that when you do conceive you will do so while giving your unborn child the best possible environment to develop in.

When Exactly Is A Woman Fertile?

When is a Woman Fertile?

If you are interested in planning on when to get pregnant, then learning about how a woman’s cycle works and what days she is fertile would be very helpful information for you.

A woman is only fertile during a short period of time during each cycle, that period of time follows ovulation when there is an egg that is present.

The key to getting pregnant is to ensure that there is sperm present when a woman is fertile.

It really isn’t that complicated, if it was then we probably wouldn’t have a world that is filled with people.

In order for a woman to get pregnant, if a couple is aiming to maximize their odds, they need to have sex for a few days prior to ovulation.

2.) Plan Your Approach to Sexy Time 😉

Plan your Approach

Women get pregnant accidentally all of the time, so spending a lot of time tracking your most fertile time of the month really isn’t necessary for most women.

Besides, taking a more spontaneous approach is definitely more fun, and less stressful, than trying to schedule sex during certain days.

While you don’t need to plan out days to have sex, what you should do is try to have sex at most every other day during the course of the month.

This will help to ensure that the sperm count of your partner is higher, which will increase your odds of conceiving.

This method of trying to conceive is how most people end up having babies, and it has been a wildly successful approach given the huge population of people that are walking around today.

If you aren’t successful after a few months of taking the spontaneous approach, then you may want to try to get a little more scientific with your approach.

That means trying to nail down the specific time of the month when you are ovulating so that you can maximize your chances of conceiving by having sex during this time.

The most accurate way of determining when you are ovulating is to keep a journal tracking your body temperature.

When your temperature goes up slightly, usually around a half of a degree, then this usually means that you have ovulated within the last 12 hours, which means that this prime baby making time.

3.) Don’t Allow The Process Of Trying To Conceive Cause You And Your Partner Undue Stress

Don't Get Stressed!

While some people are lucky enough to conceive easily, for many others it can be a bit of a struggle.

That’s when it can go from a fun experience to one that causes you and your partner a lot of stress.

It’s important to remember that even if you have been trying for a few months to get pregnant, it’s not uncommon at all for it to take even longer than this to be successful.

Just remember that it’s best to be patient and that stressing out about the situation can actually decrease your odds of being able to conceive.

4.) Consider this: There Are Medical Options That Can Help You To Conceive

If you and your partner aren’t able to conceive, and you have tried the spontaneous method as well as planning around your cycle, all hope is not lost.

You should definitely keep trying, but if you really want to give yourselves the best chance of becoming new parents then you may want to have your doctor refer you to a fertility expert.

Going to a doctor that specializes in fertility will give you the opportunity to find out if there is anything that is out of the ordinary that may be preventing you from conceiving.

Chances are nothing will be found, but if something isn’t normal then a fertility doctor can offer solutions that will often allow you to overcome the issues so that you can conceive.

5.) Don’t Forget To Plan For Your New Arrival

During the often chaotic times that follow planning to conceive a child, many would be parents forget that planning for your new arrival is extremely important.

Once you have confirmed that you are pregnant you should start to get things ready at home.

That means getting all of the supplies that you are going to need in order to care for your new little one.

Having plenty of diapers, bottles, baby blankets, and changes of clothing are essential things that you are going to need to care for your baby.

Then there’s also a car seat, a stroller, a baby swing, a bouncer, a bassinet, and a crib.

The point here is that your baby is going to need a lot of things and you have to provide them.

The beauty of planning ahead is that you can get what you need ahead of time so that once your baby comes you can focus all of your time and energy on caring for your new little bundle of joy.

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