7 Awesome Indoor Activities for Kids to Improve Their Brain

​Oh! It’s again the evening time, and your little ones have already taken their seats in front of the idiot box. Arrrghh!!! Even when they are not watching television, their eyes remain glued to screens of one or the other kind.

It makes you cringe from within because you want them to play. You want them to indulge in ​some productive ​indoor activities for kids instead of watching those silly ​clips of shows ​that ​have nothing to do with their actual brain development.                            ​

Are your efforts ​in vain?

7 Awesome Indoor Activities for Kids

Sometimes you do try to distract them and offer them storybooks of different kinds to read. However, more than often, you see nothing on their faces other than an utter glance of disgust and refusal.

It breaks your heart and leaves you pondering if or not you can fix this. Or, if or not there is a way for making brain development and learning fun and engaging, right?

​Well, getting your little ones understand the importance of indulging into mind-stimulating indoor activities is and will be a tough job. So, you need to be patient in the first place.

And, understand that there are a lot of activities and games that can help you keep your kids away from televisions, mobile phones, and screens of all sorts. However, amid all these, you must not forget to keep them entertained.

Keep things simple and fun

Don’t let your child get sandwiched between books and assignments and homework, and all. Always remember that playing is integral to brain development. Since the time your child was born, he/she is learning. And it's a constant process. So, what you need to do is, make sure that your child's learning process is positive and entertaining.

Have you ever tried indoor brain games?

The thing with brain games is that these Indoor Activities for Kids are engaging and entertaining, and your child can acquire a significant number of skills while playing these. It includes the following –

  • Comprehension
  • Creativity
  • Conceptual learning abilities
  • Analytical thinking capabilities
  • Lateral thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Linguistic capabilities

7 awesome indoor activities for your kids

Here we have a list of some of the most indulging indoor activities for your kids intended towards their brain development. Let’s take a quick look at those –

#1. Building Blocks to Reinforce Skills

Building Blocks to Reinforce Skills

​Suitable for the kids of the age group of 2 to 4-years, building blocks have been one of the most famous and basic indoor games for children. It has been there in the toy-sphere since time immemorial and for obvious reasons.

It is too good and easy to play. Plus, it introduces your kids to different sizes, types, and colors of blocks, and lets your little ones’ imaginations fly. It includes various aspects of brain development, such as identifying shapes and colors, spatial awareness, observation, and creativity.

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#2. I spy, the classic brain game

I Spy WIth My Little Eye...

​It is a classic indoor activity that allows your kids to enhance their attention level, follow multiple instructions, develop linguistic skills, and spatial understanding. Finding out any particular item from a jumbled and messy place aids in the enhancement of the cognitive skills in your children.

Plus, it’s entertaining and will keep your kiddo occupied for long hours. And, some of the best things about this game are - you can easily customize it and use household items to create a set-up.

#3. Stacking and Nesting Games

 Stacking and Nesting Games

​Stacking and nesting toys might look simple and boring, but these play a vital role in making learning a fun experience for your kids. These indoor games help in improving the motor skills of your child while enhancing balance, visual perception, coordination, pre-maths abilities, and sequencing.

As this game requires you to talk to your child, and ask questions while he or she is busy stacking, it will also help you strengthen his or her linguistic skills. It's going to be fun.

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#4. Role-Playing or Pretend and Play

Use Your Imagination!

​Encourage Your Kid to Use His Or Her Imagination!

​Pretending to play a role is one of the best indoor games intended for the brain development of your child. It helps you improve the social, emotional, linguistic, and cognitive skills of your child while making things super fun and engaging.

Games of these types are also crucial for improving your child's understanding level and giving wings to their imaginations while nurturing their thought-process like nothing else.

The best part with role-playing games is - it all about pretending. So, right from a rocket scientist to doctor to a homemaker, your child can practically do anything.

#5. Memory Games are Fun

Memory Games Are A Lot of Fun!

​Memory games are literally brain-boosting, entertaining, and fun to play. These Indoor Activities are good exercises for your child’s brain and helps in improving their concentration and attention.

These games are also useful for enhancing the cognitive skills of your children while helping them strengthen their visual memory. Moreover, these games also allow your child to understand multiple things at a time. As far as memory games are concerned, you can customize these according to your child's age and ability to grasp things.

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#6. Know your Family

Know Your Family

​Pin-up the photos of your family members and friends on a bulletin board and hang the board on the wall.

Use sticky notes to write the name of the person in the photo and his or her relation with your kid, like his brother, sister, aunt, uncle, and so on. It will help you improve the memory of your kids, along with his or her word association skills.

When you would refer to the pinned words (the relations) when the person in the picture is around, your child would become familiar with them slowly and will remember the words associated with them.

It will help him or her to understand social bonding in a much better way than just telling him that who is who. Most importantly, such Indoor Activities would be a fun experience altogether.

#7. Say Yes to Music

Musical Games

​According to a number of studies, it has been found that learning music can bring along plenty of benefits when your child’s brain is still developing.

It includes – language skills, spatial and temporal reasoning, motor and listening skills. One of the best things with musical experiences is, it helps you include multiple skills simultaneously.

It helps in developing numerous brain connections at a time. Therefore, music is considered as one of the best indoor activities for the overall brain development of your child.

And, needless to mention, nothing can be as entertaining as learning while singing or playing musical instruments.

A note to every parent

So, these are some of the most entertaining, fun, and effective indoor activities for kids and their overall brain development.

However, this is not it. There are plenty of other games too. And how about the idea of designing some interesting games on your own? It will be really fun, isn't it?​

Dear parents, your child is your bundle of joy and a blessing sent down from above. Therefore, you should not force anything on him or her and keep the learning process as simple as possible.

Always remember, not every child is the same, so are his or her learning abilities. So, give enough time and space to your child to grow. Keep the process of learning real and natural and see how your little one grows while playing.

Jeff and Yvette

Jeff & his Wife Yvette live in Anaheim Hills, in Orange County California. They're fans of Disneyland, and traveling, and are parents to TWO Awesome Kid, Steven Andrew (10/21/2015), and Amelia Ann (9/19/2018) :-)