5 Unexpected Potty Training Tips (That work with Boys AND Girls)

5 Unexpected Potty Training Tips

By learning different potty training tips you can give yourself the edge that you are going to need to help your little boy or girl to take this important step in their life.

When your little one gets older there are a lot of things you are probably going to miss a few things:

  • The way they smile and laugh.
  • The time they take their first steps.
  • The way they look at you like you are the most important thing in the world to them.

One thing you certainly are not going to miss is changing dirty diapers.

It may be cute when they are a newborn, but as your baby turns into a toddler it’s perfectly natural to start looking forward to the wonderful day when diapers are no longer needed in your home.

The following potty training tips should help you as you help your little one to say goodbye to those awful diapers for good, and say hello to being independent and going to the bathroom on their own.

5 Unexpected Potty Training Tips (That work with Boys AND Girls)

I’ll be honest, when I first heard a few of these, I thought they were CRAZY – Until I started using them myself… 🙂

1. Let Them Tell You When It’s Time To Start Going To The Potty

If you try to push your little guy or little girl to go to the bathroom before they are ready to do it, all you are going to do is make them more resistant to the idea.

What you have to do is start introducing the concept to them as soon as you think they are able to understand what you are showing them.

Show them what the toilet is for. It may sound odd, but kids learn from watching.

Their language skills aren’t developed enough to have a meaningful conversation, but they are fully capable of seeing what you are doing and copying it.

In fact, most kids love to copy what you do. So be a parent and set the example for them.

2. Sometimes You Just Have To Take The Plunge

If your little boy or girl doesn’t seem to want to give up wearing diapers, and they are at an age where they really should, sometimes your last recourse is to get rid of their diapers and start having them wear underwear.

If you keep letting a child that doesn’t want to potty train wear diapers then they are going to keep going to the bathroom in their diaper.

But, if you put them in underwear, and they decide to go, then they are going to get a very unpleasant wet feeling running down their leg.

For most kids, this is the wake-up call that they need to finally start going to the bathroom.

It may seem like an extreme step to take, but it won’t hurt your little boy or girl at all, and it really can help them to finally accept that they need to go to the toilet.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Resort To Bribery

What’s one thing that all kids love?

They love treats.

So if you want your little one to go to the toilet, then maybe you could offer them a treat if they do it.

A little candy, or a piece of fruit if you are more health conscious, can really be a fantastic motivator.

If you try this approach you’ll probably find that your little one wants to go to the toilet far more than they need to, and that’s perfectly okay.

It’s better to have them ask to go more often than they need to rather than not asking enough.

4. Try Using A Timer

When your little one is first starting to potty train one of the biggest challenges they face is remembering to go to the toilet.

After all, they’ve spent their entire life up to this point just going whenever they felt like going, so it’s only natural that they aren’t used to having to remember to go to the toilet.

When looking at different potty training tips, you may be surprised that using an egg timer or any other type of timer that has an audible noise it makes when it goes off can really work wonders.

When you and your child hear the timer go off it can almost seem like a game, which will encourage your little one to go to the toilet.

5. Make Sure That You Take Your Little One To The Toilet Right Before Bed

baby bedtime tips

When you first start the potty training process having your little one wear some type of training pants to bed is a good idea.

They are still new to the idea of not going whenever they feel like it, so it’s going to take them some time to learn to not go when they are asleep.

You should notice that their diapers will feel less wet over time, that’s when it’s time to make the switch to regular underwear at bedtime.

To help your little one avoid accidents make sure that you avoid giving them too much to drink before bed, and also make sure that a trip to the bathroom is the last stop the make before going to bed.

Learning these potty training tips should help you as you get your child ready to say goodbye to diapers, and you’ll need all the help you can get. If you are really lucky you will end up with a kid that is more than happy to potty train.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all that often. In most cases, kids are going to need a nudge in the right direction, and they are going to need all the help and encouragement you can offer.

You may get frustrated at times, but it’s very important that you never allow your little one to see it.

This is a new process for them, and if you act upset in any way it’s probably going to make it even harder to get them to go to the toilet.

Always remember that every kid, no matter how difficult, will eventually go to the toilet.

So be patient, show your support, and help your child as they take this important step toward growing up.

(By the way, if your kids are like mine, they probably LOVE Sesame Street, check out THIS video, but warning – the song is catchy!)

What Next?

Honestly, for the EASIEST “step by step” potty training for your little boy or girl, I recommend doing the “3 Day Potty Training” Method.  Their 97% success rate speaks for itself!

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