Coronavirus Quarantine -10 Things to do at Home with Your Kids

CoronaVirus Quarantine Home Activities

​The Coronavirus outbreak is a big reminder of our vulnerability as a human race.​Even though we have learnt to tap into the planet’s resources for our own benefit, we are not entirely invincible. 

In many states/districts, schools have been shut and companies have asked employees to work from home.

This has freed us up a bit from our crazy and sometimes, downright maddening schedules. It’s a good time to focus on the things that are indeed significant, such as spending quality time with your loved ones.

A simple shift in perspective can help to alleviate all the anxiety associated with COVID-19. Yes, it has affected the economy and a million other things but it can be more beneficial to view it as an opportunity to concentrate on fitness, personal development and most importantly, family.

As you likely know by now (LOL), kids get bored quickly if they don’t have something constructive to work on.

So here are 10 things to do at home with your kids during the quarantine.

They’ve probably had enough of Legos, dolls and video-games…it’s time to get creative.

1) Learn About Proper Hygiene: 

Learn About Hygiene

Teach kids about the importance of keeping their hands, bodies and clothes clean. Tell them about micro-organisms, the germs that live all around even though they are not visible. Hence, even if something looks clean, it may not necessarily be so and it’s better to sanitize it before using. These are good habits that toddlers will carry along with them for their entire lives.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

This proverb carries so much wisdom in it and even though the first references to the idea were in ancient Babylonian religious texts, it’s so relevant even today.

Get your little ones to help with the laundry. Teach them about soap – why it’s good for killing germs and yet, one must be careful with it as it’s bad if it enters the body and also harmful for the environment.

What better time than now to reiterate the importance of oral hygiene? Do your kids brush their teeth on their own? Is this a good time to get them to do so?

Tell kids about what is happening in the world and why it’s especially important to follow good hygiene at such a time. Usually, teaching kids about cleanliness ensures that they don’t make a mess and look at least half presentable. However, having them follow it now could actually be life saving.

2) Exercise:

Since there is no cure (yet) for the Coronavirus, the only thing that can defeat it is the immune system. People with poor immunity fall victim to it while healthy individuals are (generally) able to battle it with relative ease.

Exercise and a healthy, balanced diet are the best way to boost the immune system naturally. 

Kids are like a bundle of energy and since it’s not advisable to go to public places such as parks, swimming pools etc, they are bound to get frustrated if they do not have a chance to be active and do something fun.

Jumping jacks, frog jumps, jump squats are extremely fun for kids and they are quite safe when done indoors (or in the yard). They’ll tire after just a few minutes of these activities and then they’ll sleep like...well...babies! (See Our Blog Post Indoor Activities for Kids, for more!)

​It’s a good idea to carry forward this habit of exercising for at least for 20 to 30 minutes a day (even after the quarantine ends). You can use ​the above video for inspiration:

3) Dancing:

This is like exercise but a LOT more fun. Dancing gives kids a form of expressing themselves. Studies have also shown that it boosts self esteem and confidence. Few other things match up to the cuteness of a little kid grooving to music as if nobody’s watching.

You can teach the kids some simple steps or even freestyle works.

Just ask Alexa to play some party songs and you and the entire family is good to go.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could have a camera ready to catch some of the action and share it on social media.

If you’re lucky, you and your kid will become famous just like this father daughter duo who are just cuteness personified: 🤗

4) Gardening:

Gardening at Home

Going to public parks is best avoided but that shouldn’t prevent you from pottering around the yard and planting a tree or two. It’s spring and so (hopefully) the weather isn't too bad.

You might even get a bit of Sunshine depending on where you live.

It’s a good source of Vitamin D and strengthens bones!

We could all use some improvement to our health, right?

Gardening is a great way to teach kids about seeds, germination, the water cycle, life cycle, the importance of environmental conservation and so on. Sure, they learn all these things at school but practice is way better than theory.

It’s possible to do a bit of gardening even if you live in an apartment. You could grow a small kitchen garden or just plant some seeds in a pot. It’s a great project and since kids get to water the plant and ensure that it gets the right amount of light, they learn about caring for nature.

5) Learn The Proper Way To Use Networking & Social Media:

Teach Kids Safety on Social media

Social media was meant to help people to connect better. However, take one look at a group of teens who’re deeply engrossed in their smartphone and totally oblivious to the world around them – you’ll be convinced that it has actually managed to make us anti-social.

It’s nearly impossible to keep kids away from smartphones, YouTube etc(they are an integral aspect of our lives and help us to stay relevant with the times). However, parents can definitely help kids to use these things positively. Since, it’s not possible to go out much because of the quarantine, why not video call grandpa, grandma, uncles, aunties and other friends? Instead of watching hours of viral content, maybe kids can actually create something of their own? Ultimately, the idea is to be a creator and not a mere consumer.

6) Backyard Swimming:

Public swimming pools are a big NO and because of the quarantine, the option of driving down to a local lake or brook is also not practical. What about setting up a pool in your own backyard though? (if you’re lucky enough to have one)

Portable and inflatable pools (buy one on Amazon!) are great for kids – they are very safe as they’re shallow and well, you have to admit that even you, as an adult, enjoy them!

Backyard swimming is not an option for those living in the colder regions of the country. But if you’re in Miami or Houston or some other place where the temperatures are ​on the warmer side, you know what to do!

If you get one kids’ swimming pool now, it will serve you well throughout the summer.

Check out the above on on Amazon, it's about the cost of a tank of gas, believe it or not!

7) Cooking:

Cooking with Kids

If your kids are little (toddlers), they obviously cannot use knives and stoves but hey, they can surely assemble a sandwich, mix a salad or build a burger! They can even try their hand at peeling a banana (or an egg), juicing an orange (plastic juicer) and pouring some cereal for breakfast.

Cooking is a crucial life skill. It enables kids to be independent and they can learn about proper nutrition while doing it. Some kids have a natural talent for things like these. Who knows, your toddler could be destined for appearing on MasterChef Junior or dare we say it, becoming a Michelin Star chef!

When kids attempt to cook, they feel like a big boy or girl. They’re happy and brag about it to their friends and other family members.

8) Watching TV:

Children Watching Television

​I know what you're thinking, but hear me out please! 😂

Watching too much TV is most certainly not desirable – TV shows can get addictive and cause both adults and kids to procrastinate on other more important tasks.

If used properly though, television can be a wonderful source of inspiration, information and entertainment.

All of today’s artists, actors, ​sports superstars and other successful people probably wouldn’t have been where they’re today if they hadn’t been inspired by someone on TV.

Sure, mindless and violent cartoons aren’t the best way to go but Discovery Kids, National Geographic and the like are pretty much foolproof.

They’re a refreshing change from the news which, unfortunately, is mostly biased.

They’re dedicating too much screen time to the Coronavirus which is causing people to panic and become anxious.

9) Reading Books & Studying:

Since many schools, pre-schools are closed, kids are probably missing out on certain parts of the syllabus. How about you give them a head-start so that they don’t feel rushed afterwards?

Reading stories, learning about numbers and basic mathematical concepts such as counting – all this is very exciting for kids. I mean, who doesn’t love a good tale? It’s so relaxing and soothing. What a great way to get kids to develop the habit of reading books! It will serve them very well throughout their lifetime.

Learning need not be limited to books and numbers. It can include simple songs – they encourage kids to speak up and help in improving their pronunciation.

10) ​Arts & Crafts:

Toddler Reading at Home

Most of us have pretty vivid memories of making paper boats and aeroplanes as a child. Our parents/guardians taught us and it’s only reasonable that we pass the techniques onto the next generation!

Craft activities can be simple or complex depending upon how much your kid already knows.

​It can be fairly easy to draw animals, humans, birds, flowers, trees and other things using simple shapes such as circles, ovals, rectangles etc.

Here is a video that can help you get started: 

The best thing about spending time with your kids is that you get to experience the joy and wonder or being a child all over again. It helps to broaden your imagination and makes you more curious and inquisitive – which is a pre-requisite for being a good problem solver!

Have a great vacation, even if it’s a bit forced! 😎

Jeff and Yvette

Jeff & his Wife Yvette live in Anaheim Hills, in Orange County California. They're fans of Disneyland, and traveling, and are parents to TWO Awesome Kid, Steven Andrew (10/21/2015), and Amelia Ann (9/19/2018) :-)