5 Best Baby Walking Shoes for Kids

5 Best Baby Walking Shoes

Sit, roll, crawl, and finally walk! Every parent cherishes these memorable moments of his/her child. Your baby’s first walk is the first move towards self-dependence. From the initial day of his walk to the one when he runs in the park, as a parent we want him to feel good and confident about the overall experience.

Baby walking shoes is the first go-to accessories for any parent when they see their toddlers taking their small baby steps. After all comfort, size, appearance, we want everything perfect for our child!

Points to Consider While Purchasing Baby Walking Shoes

Shopping for babies is not an easy task at all! You need to take care of so many things while purchasing something for your baby, and so the baby walking shoes. Let’s have a look at the key essentials you need to know while purchasing baby walking shoes:

  • The shoe should be the correct fit. So it is advisable to try the shoe on your kid before you purchase. If you are buying it online, check the length and width before you place an order.
  • Avoid heavy and bulgy weight shoes.
  • The shoe should have a good grip so that your kid doesn’t dodge or fall.
  • Make sure that the shoe lock is secure enough to hold your kid’s feet and ensure that it does not slip away.

Must-Have Baby Walking Shoes

As a parent, we wish to offer our child maximum comfort at affordable prices. So, we want to shop the right shoe from the right place for our baby.  At the same time, we need shoes that could fit all occasions and serve multiple purposes.

Different occasion!! Different purpose!!

Here we bring a few types of shoes that your little one should have in his small shoe rack!

#1. Sneakers

Sneakers are trending these days so one can buy something that looks similar to the mom’s & dad’s shoes. With sneakers, your child will feel comfortable and balanced to play in parks, grounds and run around. These are very flexible with easy locks. Make sure you buy the one with the elastic back. This will make your kid comfier.


  • These are with great foam-backed liners.
  • The insole is comfortable and cotton lined.
  • These are easy lace-ups.
  • An excellent choice for rough and daily use.


  • Sneakers may sometimes be quite slippery
  • Not suitable for rigorous running or walking.
  • Big no during rainy or snowy days.

#2. Kids crocs, clogs, and mules

These baby shoes are extremely lightweight and perfect for your kid to go out on rainy days. These are durable and attractive. These shoes are available with good material that will keep your little one at ease for the entire day.


  • An excellent choice for the raining season
  • Suitable for babies as they are extremely lightweight
  • Less slippery
  • These are easy to clean.


  • These may sometimes not fit correctly as they are usually of a loose fit.
  • For some kids, these shoes may be a reason for shoe bites and irritation because of the quality of rubber.

#3. Pretty sandals for the little baby girl

While going for birthday parties, dance performances, or visiting relatives, your kid wants to feel comfortable as well as look good. If you want your little girl to look cute and pretty, get these flat heels with cute bows in attractive colors. Baby girl sandals look out of the crowd in pink, red, yellow, golden and silver. Just let it go with the color of her beautiful dress.


  • Available in a wide range of designs and colors. Your kid will love them!!
  • Easily available at affordable prices.
  • Suitable for outdoor parties or events.


  • Baby sandals are a little tough and heavy for your kid.
  • Usually comes with leather coats, which may not allow your baby’s feet to grow and breathe.

#4. Baby boots for your baby boy

Son always tends to copy his dad and wants boots as bright as his dad. Tiny boots are all smart and attractive. Make sure the back of the shoe is made up of a good leather coat to avoid kid from slipping. Boots should always be accompanied by the good quality of socks to avoid itching and any scratches to your kid’s tiny feet.



  • Boots with good grip are always great for your child
  • Attracts your kid to walk
  • Gives a good fit


  • Avoid boots for your baby until the age of 2 or 3 yrs
  • Due to tight-fitting, boots may cause irritation

#5. Crawling baby shoes

These are the perfect picks for your newly walking baby. For the initial steps of your child, let their shoes be very comfy and balancing. Make sure these little shoes are not allergic to the sensitive skin of your little ones.


  • Soft and extremely cozy for your little one
  • Best choice for newly walking kids
  • Fewer chances of any skin irritation or allergies
  • These can be used indoor as well as outdoor


  • Crawling shoes are generally of loose fit which may cause your kid to slip
  • Less durable and may get spoiled fast

So, these are some of the top baby walking shoes for your baby. However, parents find it a bit tricky to get the correct shoe for their child. But, no worries! There are a lot of marts and online websites that make it easy for you to pick the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions while Purchasing Baby Walking Shoes

Though we’ve covered a lot about the baby walking shoes in this discussion, there are a number of questions parents have in their mind while purchasing baby walking shoes. Let’s have an insight into such questions with quick answers!

#1. Do I need special walking shoes for my baby?

The answer is a big no!! The baby’s shoes just need to fit them correctly and let their tiny feet breathe and develop. Give them shoes that could set them free and not the ones that would hold their growth. However, it is always recommended that the child should also walk barefoot for sometime when he is inside the house.

#2. How can we make our baby walk fun in his shoes?

There are a lot of attractive and puppy noise shoes available. Kids love different sounds at their initial childhood stage.

#3. Will hard bottom shoes benefit my child?

No!! In fact, the kid will find it harder to walk and run with a shoe that has a hard or inflexible sole. This will restrict his walk and also can be irritable sometimes. However, you can always accompany the shoe with good socks to avoid any irritation.

#4. Are Soft sole shoes good?

Soft sole kind of shoes can benefit the child until he is 24 months old. This will allow his sensitive feet to avoid any itching or discomfort. However, soft shoes are not always recommended while playing/running in the park or ground. The soft sole shoes give less grip to your child’s feet.

#5. How can I pick the correct shoes for my kid?

Remember the following points to choose correct shoes for your kid:

  • Choose the right size and make your child bend to his feet.
  • Initially try the shoes with the socks
  • Slowly let the feet go inside the shoe
  • Check if his entire feet is into the shoe.
  • Check the toe if you feel it. If no, the shoe is big for his size.
  • Make the child walk a few steps to check if he is comfortable and the shoe is not irritating him.

What is the right time to buy baby shoes?

Babies don’t need shoes before they have started walking. Socks or soft-soled shoes are fine to give warmth but bare feet are always better. Once your child takes his first step, then it is time for you to get them their real pair of shoes.

#6. Does baby need a shoe when he is still learning to walk?

There is no need for you to buy your baby his first walking shoes unless you are not completely confident on his walk. Initially, when your baby is learning to walk indoors, let him go without a shoe with bare feet. Making your kid wear shoes so early can restrict the growth of your baby’s feet and may prevent them from developing.

#7. Is it good to wear socks all the time?

Deciding whether the shoe should be accompanied by socks completely depends on the temperature. Always better to have socks during the chilling days as it will keep your child’s feet warm. However, during hot days try and avoid heavy shoes and socks. Always go for lightweight shoes. Slippers or chappals or daily sneakers are advisable.

#8. How to know my baby’s correct shoe size?

Check out the table below to know your baby’s correct shoe size.

AgeUS Shoe sizeFoot Length (Inches)
1-2 mos0.5 – 1.53 ½ – 3 7/8
1-3 mos24
3-6 mos2.54 1/8
6-9 mos34 3/8
9-11 mos3.54 1/2
10-12 mos44 3/4

AgeUS Shoe sizeFoot Length (Inches)
13-15 mos55
16-18 mos65 1/4
21-24 mos75 5/8
2 yrs86
3 yrs96 1/4

#9. How to measure your baby’s feet using a tape?

  • Take a paper and pen so that you can note the measurements
  • Make the baby lie down your baby on the floor to takes his measurement.
  • Measure your kids’ feet size by keeping the tape on both the width and length of his foot. Repeat to get his correct measurement.
  • Note down his measurement on a paper!

Closing Notes

Buying shoes for your kids is a big responsibility and that is why it is essential to take due care. At the same time, buying those little pairs of baby walking shoes is great fun too. You can have different shoes for different occasions, the only thing that is to be kept in mind is your kids’ comfort!

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