October 25, 2020

5 Best Baby monitors
5 Best Baby monitors

A Newborn ​Baby is the most precious gift for any parent, and taking care of a baby is the most ​important responsibility for them. Every parent wants to prevent their baby from getting injured and ​provide them with a safe sleeping environment.

It is not as easy ​because anxiety and stress are usually faced by parents whenever they are far away from their baby. So, here you need a technology by ​which you can provide a better and safe environment for your baby even if you are ​away from home.

The baby monitor is the first and best choice of a smart parent. Because smart parents never compromise ​their baby’s safety.

What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a device that helps in seeing and/or listening to your newborn, infant and even your toddler. There are a lot of baby monitors ​such as- summer baby monitor, Walmart baby monitors, nanit baby monitor, vetch baby monitors, etc.

These baby monitors bring some amazing feature like an audio recorder, video recorder, etc. which helps in taking care of children. There is an audio baby monitor which is capable of listening sound and also talk back to the baby

Here are 5 best baby monitors of 2019​

Each one is amazing with exceptional features. The list also contains the pros and cons of these baby monitors.

​1) iBaby Care M7 Smart Baby Monitor (Top Choice!)

iBaby M7 Baby Monitor 1080P with Thousands of lullabies & Bed Stories, Motion and Cry Alert, Temperature & Humidity Sensors, Air Sensors, Moonlight Projector

This baby monitor contains some unique feature which makes it different from other like as it has thousands of lullabies and sound and motion alert like feature.

Note: all in all, ibaby care M7 smart baby monitor has some add-in excellent feature like- diaper alert and the smart sensor which found rarer in any baby monitor.


• This baby monitor has a colorful moonlight projector. This helps in providing moon and starlight that keeps your child comfortable.

• Sound and motion alerts. It also contains an alarm system which you can set the timing for when you have to change the diaper or when you have to feed your child.

• TVOC air sensor. It has a sensor which provides humidity, temperature-related information. Not only this has so many add on features like as- it contains some educational things like as- night stories, music, etc.


Sometimes it is not capable of providing proper two-way communication, which is one of the important cons of it.

PERSONALLY, as parents, we DON'T want our kids to even KNOW we have the baby monitors, so we only care about hearing and listening to them, not the other way around.  This is our favorite by far, and you can get it for a great deal on amazon (link below).

2) Infant optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor build of mature hardware, and it is robust. Due to its amazing features and performance, this baby monitor is awarded as best baby monitors.

So, if you buy this baby monitor, you never feel regret after investing your money.


• This Baby monitor has interchangeable lens property. It contains three types of the lens which are wide, zoom and normal. It helps in changing lens according to your preference.

• The LCD in this baby monitor provides a quality picture display. It provides a better quality view.

• It has some advance feature like as- room-temperature sensor, infra-red night vision, the remote camera that captures pictures from each side.

• This baby monitor is portable. It has minimum weight, which is around 1 pound, which is easily carried from one place to another.


• By using this baby monitor, you cannot record any video and also cannot take any screenshot.

​3) Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor

 Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor

This baby monitor has DECT technology and provides a crystal clear view. It’s capable of providing a reliable connection to your baby.


• This provides a sound-activated LED which helps in listening to the sound level in your child's room.

• This baby monitor has DECT technology. This baby monitor is attached with DECT technology, which helps in providing zero interference with other transmitting devices. It can capture the child’s movement within a 300m range.

• It has variable volume control with the help of which you can adjust its volume according to your own preference.

• It has EOC mode: This is helpful in automatically controlling the audio transmission and also save battery.


• This baby monitor doesn’t contain an inbuilt rechargeable battery.

​4) BabySense Video Baby Monitor

BabySense Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is helpful in providing a fast and secure connection with your baby. Its excellent two way talk back feature makes it different from others.


• Size of the LCD display. This baby monitor contains a quality LCD display, which has a size of 3.5 inches. It provides crystal clear image.

• It also provides zero interference with other transmitting devices like as – mobile, cell, phone, etc.

• It has an amazing video and audio recorder which provide two-way communication, i.e. you can record and see your child’s movement and also talk to him/her. It also provides auto night vision, which is helpful in providing a peaceful sleep for your child.


• The night vision mode is a little bit fuzzy.

• You can only find this baby monitor on Amazon.com.

5) Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor AC420

It contains an excellent sensor pad and has a nice and compact design.

Note: The sensor pads are so much sensitive that can pick any moment of the baby, even can sense baby is breathing or not.


• Full-color vision display. Which helps in providing a better view of the child to the parent.

• It also contains a sensor pad through which you can monitor the temperature and humidity of your child’s room.

• Portability. It has very minimum weight, which is around 1.32 pounds. So you can easily carry it with you. It also provides interference-free facility from transmitting devices.

• It has a beautiful and compact design. This makes it attractive and also have a customizable setting.


• It doesn't have lullabies, music, and talkback features.

• The parents do not easily set the sensor pad for the first time, and also it doesn't have a long battery life.

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