8 Best Childproof Doorknobs

It is the topmost priority of any parent to keep their kids safe, and childproof doorknobs are specifically designed to ensure their safety. Your little one is curious about everything, and it is a good thing. But kids are not aware of the dangers they face even inside the house.

He may get you into trouble by getting locked in the room accidentally or pinching their fingers in the cupboard door. To ensure their safety inside the house, it is essential to make your house childproof. A childproof doorknob is the first step toward the childproof house. With that done, you can be worry-free regarding the movements of your child inside the house.

Why You Need a Childproof Doorknob

  1. Safety – Some everyday things inside the house that we may not even think of are quite dangerous for kids. Getting child safety door locks will ensure such matters are outside their reach. This will also make sure that your kid never locks out accidentally.
  2. Keeping valuable belongings outside their reach – You can use child door locks to keep all your fragile and essential stuff outside their reach.
  3. Avoid messy situation – If you allow kids anywhere in the house, they will find a way to make a mess. This will save you big time from cleaning every time.

8 Best Childproof Doorknobs

#1. Door Lever Lock (2 Pack) Child Proof Doors & Handles 3M Adhesive – Child Safety by Tuut

Very easy to install and fits almost all the handles, this door lock provides utmost safety to your kids.  Adults will find it very easy to use; you just need to push a button to open the door. The adhesive will not damage your furniture and is easy to remove once your child grows older. In case of any leftover adhesive, just remove with alcohol or adhesive remover.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use by adults
  • The manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee


  • Some parents find the adhesive of poor quality.

#2. Doorknob Covers-Child Proof Doors by Jool Baby

This hassle-free doorknob will deter your child from entering any dangerous spaces and make sure your kid is safe, even if you are not around. It fits into almost all sizes of doorknobs and is very easy to install.


  • Fits almost all the spherical doorknobs
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee given by the manufacturer


  • Some kids can easily open the knob.

#3. Doorknob Safety Cover for Kids, Child Proof Doorknob Covers, Baby Safety Doorknob Handle Cover Lockable Design (4 Pack)

This childproof doorknob lock made from a polypropylene material that is pollution-free, non-toxic, and odorless. This material is relatively durable, hard to remove, and will prevent your child from getting hurt.


  • Tool-free and easy to assemble
  • Big size and fits all the doorknobs
  • Polypropylene material makes it safe for babies
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to use by adults

#4. Safety 1st OutSmart Child Proof Door Lever Lock

This childproof door lock is one of the safest for your little one. It is toddler-tested and hides functional buttons, but at the same time, it is easy to use by adults. This requires no tools for installation.




  • Tool-free, easy installation
  • Smart door lock with hidden keys, making it easy to use, at the same time challenging for kids to open
  • Fits almost all door lever handles


  • Care needed particularly to push-lock arm upward. Otherwise, a child can lock the door.

#5. Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System (1 Key and 8 Locks)

This smart, attractive child door lock will prevent your curious kid from opening any doors or cabinets. These child-safety door locks come with eight locks and one key. That means you will never be confused and searching for the right key, and one key will work with all the locks.

It looks like a childproof door handle, and you just need to hold and pull to open.


  • One key will work for all the eight locks
  • Adults will find it easy to operate
  • Smart lock and invisible from outside


  • Expensive
  • Magnets may not work correctly after installation

#6. Child Safety Magnet Locks (12-Pack) by Skyla Homes

This amazing door lock has three times stronger magnet and comes in a pack of twelve locks and two keys. This will provide maximum security to your child and fits into maximum drawers and cabinets.


  • Three times strong magnetic strength
  • Three-step easy installation
  • Affordable


  • The adhesive may not be strong enough to hold the lock in place.

#7.  The Original White Door Guardian by Cardinal Gates

This child safety lock for door features metal construction that complements any interior, and it is outside the reach of children. This will serve the twin function of childproofing lock and securing the house from any forced entry at the same time.



  • Strong metal construction
  • Placed at a height that is outside the reach of kids
  • Easy to operate for adults
  • Serves as security lock as well


  • Difficult to install

#8. Door Monkey Door Lock & Pinch Guard – Safety Door Lock for Kids

This child safety lock for door operates from both sides of the door, which ensures that there is no accidental lock-in. Installation is tool-free and tape-free; that means there will be no damage to your doors. This safety lock will simply clamp to the door’s edge.



  • Tool-free, tape-free installation ensuring minimum damage to furniture
  • Serves as pinch guard as well
  • Works from both sides of the door


  • This works only for doors that open from the left side.


When it comes to ensuring a child’s safety, parents are ultimately responsible. You need to think ahead of their minds and go a step ahead of them, as this is the only way to protect them from any upcoming danger. For that, you need some advanced-technology childproof doorknob and take a first step toward protecting your little munchkin.

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