9 Best Double Strollers for Infants & Toddlers (Our Top Picks for 2020)

Best Double Strollers

List Updated on Tuesday, April 20th 2021

In this article, we review the 9 BEST Double Strollers for 2020!  Which double stroller is our absolute favorite? Find out below! 🙂

In 2018, we welcomed our second child, and it was one of the happiest moments of our lives. However, one of the things we did when wife was in her second trimester was to buy a double stroller. Seeing as there are so many different types out there, our assumption was that the best double stroller was the most expensive one.

A year later and that double stroller is collecting dust in the garage.

  • We could have chosen something cheaper with better features and durability than the fancy one collecting dust.

After a lot of research, we managed to find what is to us the best of the best double stroller out of ALL of the ones we evaluated. So, we decided to save you the trouble and list what we think are the top options for you.

You could also cut to the chase and buy the Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat, which is precisely the one we have now.

Best Double Strollers for Infants & Toddlers

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1) Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat (this is what we use):

The Baby Jogger City Select is my top choice for numerous reasons, the big one being that it can easily accommodate both my growing kids.

Plus it easily accommodates standard stroller seats, a bassinet, and infant car seats in upwards of 16 configurations.

So, it has you covered at all stages of your kids’ development. If we had a third kid, there is no need to buy another stroller just add a glider board to this one.

All accessories snap right into place without having to wrestle everything down. Essentials like the canopy, handlebars (adjustable) and the leg rest snaps into place. Plus, the stroller can be easily customized for both parents and passengers.

Whether you’re out on a beautiful stroll through the park, transverse rough terrain, the cushioning provided by the air-filled rear tires are unrivaled in our experience.

Plus the swivel locking mechanism of the front wheels makes maneuvering the stroller easier than competing models. Finally, when you’re done with it, it can be folded up and stored in the car’s trunk!

Carrying the stroller: Carrying it around can be a little cumbersome and require some muscle since it weighs 29.54 lbs. However, most strollers aren’t built to be carried around, but if you want to do it, there is a carry bag sold separately.

Maneuvering and braking: Our experience of maneuvering the stroller through the city was very good. The grip is excellent, and you can easily guide it to where you want it should go. However, unlike most other strollers, this one has a hand brake, i.e., operated with your hands located on the top just left of the handlebars. So, braking is easy though not as intuitive as a foot brake.

Comfort Level: Extremely comfortable, and our kids can attest to that. It has three reclining positions which are pretty standard, but the more than enough leg-room is major difference maker. With the squeeze of your hand, it is possible to adjust the degree to which you want it to recline.

Durability: Made almost entirely of metal, this thing can take a beating. Not to mention, it is very easy to clean. Certainly recommended for parents that want to buy something that lasts a long time.


  • 16 plus configurations are more than enough options to ensure comfort and customization.
  • Easy to maneuver and comfortable thanks to the air inflated rear wheels and swivel lock front wheels.
  • Easy to remove the canopy, seat, or any other parts that kids can mess up and throw in the washer for thorough cleaning.
  • Extremely comfortable thanks to padded seats.
  • Under seat storage with a flexible mesh which can hold up to 15lbs.


  • Weighs 29.54 pounds, which can be heavy to carry around when folded.

2) Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller:

One of the reasons why anyone would consider buying a sit and stand stroller is because it has a regular seat in the front and a platform for another kid to stand on. It is ideally suited for kids between 3-5 years apart, an age gap for which a double stroller will not work. 

The Baby Trend Sit and Stand can easily accommodate kids up to 50lbs each. Your older kid can either sit, or they can stand while allowing for ample storage. The reason why this stroller has made it to our top 9 is that it is very easy to maneuver. Steering around corners is way easier than almost any other double stroller around. Not to mention fast and smooth. 

Full-Size Rear Seat: You can easily remove the rear seat and turn it into a traditional standing platform.

Cup Holders and Trays: We like the fact that this double stroller, unlike others, has space for trays and cup holders. So, there is one for your wine and another for the kid’s formula!

Smooth Ride: The stroller minimizes pumps and jerks. Plus, it is easy to push even when loaded to its max rated capacity.

Easy to Fold: Folding up the stroller takes 3 seconds (yes we timed it!). The same goes for unfolding it. However, its unusually large size even after it being folded may mean it does not fit into the trunk of most midsized sedans.
  • A sturdy metal frame which we think should be able to take a beating. 
  • Competitively priced especially for the features that it offers.
  • Both seats have canopies.
  • It is compatible with several other brands of car seats. You can check out the compatibility chart here.
  • Unusually large stroller even when its folded. 
  • The padding is thin, and so an extra cushion may be needed.

3) Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem:

The Ultra Tandem is a lot like the one we reviewed above but with a couple of things that set it apart. Now for starters, the padding on the rear seat isn’t as nice. Also, the build appears to be the same, but the handling position is not as comfortable, something we noticed when comparing both side by side.

So, why should you buy this one? After all, there has to be a reason why we’ve listed it here.

Well because it offers the best value for money. It has all the features of its more expensive counterparts but at an entry-level price. Things like each seat having a durable, removable child tray, a secure 5-point seat belt, cup holders, etc. are all available.

Plus, we found the foot brake is a lot more responsive, and that makes handling it easier. So, you get a premium feeling and looking stroller at a bargain price. An attribute we’re sure will have many people like us interested in it.

  • ​​Good front suspension offers a comfortable ride.
  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Comfortable front and rear seat.
  • ​Removable rear seat.
  • ​​Bulky and heavy even after it is folded making it difficult to transport in the boot of a small car.

4) Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra:

The Ultra is Baby Trend’s version of their Sit N Stand is priced between the higher end Double Stroller and lower tier Ultra Tandem.

So, why pay a lot more money for a stroller that essentially looks the same as it’s cheaper counterparts?

Well, that’s a question that even we had a tough time answering. So, we did a side by side.

During our review, we found that this particular model had mid-tier build quality.

Some tweaks to the wheels, braking system and the nylon seats made it feel more premium.

It was more comfortable handling this stroller than its cheaper counterpart.

So, it is arguably suited for parents who are willing to pay more to pull out all the stops for their kids’ comfort and safety. Though here too we’d recommended placing an extra cushion for more comfort.

  • Can accommodate kids weighing up to 50lbs.
  • It is amongst the most durable sit and stand strollers around.
  • Has a cup holder for the kids and parent.
  • Easy to walk around with on all types of terrain.
  • Locking the front wheels can be tricky at times.
  • Still bulky and large even when folded.

5) Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double:

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Carbon is yet another iteration by the brand. It looks exactly like the three we’ve discussed above but with a few and minor differences.

For starters, it is cheaper than all three of the ones above. However, being cheaper does not mean that the brand has compromised quality.

During our side by side comparisons, we found that the Double Carbon had the same features but was a slight downgrade in terms of niceness.

The metal used is a little less polished, and the nylon is of slightly inferior quality. Also, the seats are harder, so you’ll have to add a cushion for your kids to this one for sure.

So, who should buy it?

Well if you’re in the market for a durable double stroller or sit and stand stroller that does not cost a lot of money, then this is for you.
The compromise on workmanship isn’t all that much, which means that it is still washable, can be taken across all types of terrain and is easy to handle.

  • Low priced sit and stand stroller without compromise on features.
  • Looks great and feels premium.
  • Easy to walk around with while accommodating up to a 50lb kid on each seat.
  • The seat is hard, and an extra cushion is absolutely necessary.
  • Build quality isn’t mediocre. 

6) Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller:

The Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Stroller is a double stroller that’s perfectly suited for those who have two kids, a couple of years apart. The front facing seat is for the younger kid while the rear facing platform is for the older one.

The setup is similar to dozens of other sit n’ stand double strollers.

What sets this double stroller apart from others is that the regular seat can easily accommodate an infant car seat. Other than that, there are a couple of other features worth wrapping your head around before purchasing. We’ve tried to cover some of the best features below.

Many Riding Options: The stroller has 12 riding options! These include using two infant seats, two provided seats, a single seat and an infant seat, standing platform, bench seat, etc. The options make it possible to use the stroller for both newborns and toddlers alike.

5-Point Safety Harness: The harness is available for both seats. When you remove the seats to access the standing platform, the harness becomes a 3-point harness, to ensure that the standing kid is buckled too.

Storage Basket and Cup Holders: The removable child’s tray also has cup holders. The tray can hold water, shakes, and even milk bottles. Move on over to the rear, and here you’ll find a storage tray. There is even more storage space under the seats. We in particular like the large basket which can hold diapers, clothing, snacks, etc.

Swivel Lock Wheels and an Oversized Canopy: The single large canopy provides more than enough shelter for both kids. While it does make the stroller bulky and large, it is easy to fold. We tested the swivel lock multiple times on the front wheels, and they work perfectly. Not to mention making maneuvering the stroller a breeze.

  • An easy folding mechanism.
  • Large storage basket.
  • 12 riding configurations.
  • A large canopy which protects both kids.
  • Automatic locking mechanism.
  • The kids can’t be seated side by side.​


7) Chicco Cortina Together:

The Chicco Cortina Double Together stroller is something that many parents will consider in their hunt for something that can accommodate both their kids at the same time. At first glance, the Cortina Together looks like most other strollers sold online or offline for that matter.

However, upon physical inspection, the padded seats and excellent build quality are not hard to notice.

Can Stand Alone When Folded: Folding the Chicco Cortina Together is easy, and once it is folded it stands alone. So, you don’t have to put it against a wall or under your bed. It is also compact enough to be stored in most vehicles and on a shelf.

Your Child Can Sit Anywhere: The matching car seat can be placed both on the front and the back of the stroller. So, if the older kid wants to sit in front and take in the view that’s made easily possible by just swapping the seats. Your infant can calmly sleep calmly on the back seat, and you can keep a close eye on them.

Adjusted to Your Height: Many taller parents complain that their knees keep hitting the stroller, so they are forced to walk in an awkward hand out position. The Cortina Together solves this problem by making the handle adjustable. So, whether you are 5ft tall or over 6ft, walking with it is a lot more comfortable.

  • Well built and designed compared to the competition in this price range.
  • Adjustable handle for parents of all heights.
  • Easy to fold and store away.
  • Lightweight.
  • While the front has dual cup holders, the rear is deprived of it.
  • Maneuvering it takes a little getting used to.

8) Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller:

The Baby Trend Expedition double jogger sports a unique tri-wheel design and an attractive price point making it an option for many parents on a budget.

The pneumatic rubber wheels make it easier to move and comfortable for the occupants. 

It is capable of handling any type of terrain from polished mall floors to tarmac and street debris. While some people may not exactly instantly like the design, there are a couple of other reasons to consider the Expedition Double Jogger.

Easy to Fold: As people who has owned multiple strollers, we can tell you that most aren’t easy to fold. So, this feature is certainly a one that many people should consider. Additionally, it offers equal recline and has excellent ventilation.

Adequate Storage Options: The Expedition Double Jogger has good under seat storage, which is a great place to store large items.

Jog Along with it: As the name suggests the stroller has been designed for parents who want to jog along with the stroller. During our testing, we found that jogging along is easy and comfortable.

Double Action Brakes: You will need to depress two pedals to stop this stroller. While it isn’t the best feature, it is certainly something that’s aimed at joggers that want to stop a fast-moving stroller than someone walking through the mall. While we did forget to press the second pedal the first few times, we later stopped forgetting. Though they are still not sandal-friendly.

  • A budget friendly, well designed double stroller.
  • Easy to maneuver and jog regardless of the terrain.
  • Well, padded makes seating easy and comfortable for kids.
  • 5-point Harness.
  • Very easy to fold and store away.
  • Not compatible with an infant car seat so only meant for kids who have neck control.

9) Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller:

Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller is amongst the most expensive strollers in our lineup, but if you’re looking for one that can do it all, then this is certainly worth considering. You get seven seating configurations to ensure that your baby is always comfy. That said there are a couple of other reasons to consider this one.

Multiple Independent Seat Adjustments: All seats are removable and can be independently adjusted. Everything from the footrest to the sunshade can be adjusted for each kid individually based on what makes them feel comfortable. Also, the seats can be replaced with an infant car seat adapter or removed to create a large shopping basket.

Large Storage Basket: You can store everything from a diaper bag to clothes, and even your own handbag and still have space. Though reaching the basket can be hard when the seat is in a certain configuration, but there is a side zipper on the basket, which does a good job of addressing the issue.

Easy to Fold: Squeezing a trigger on either side of the frame and pushing it forward will lock it into place. The stroller also stands by itself after being folded.

  • An excellent value compared to other full-featured strollers.
  • Durable and easy to fold.
  • Lots of storage space and easy access to it.
  • Multiple seat adjustment options.
  • Weighing slightly above 38lbs and measuring 38x21x25 inches means that it isn’t exactly easy to store or transport when folded.

Which Double Stroller do YOU prefer?

We know from personal experience of buying a stroller that the options out there at every price range is confusing. That’s why the double strollers that have made it to our top 9 listings are ones that offer the best value for money regardless of if you’re a budget buyer or looking for a featured filled option.

If you want the most bang for your buck, then you can't go wrong with the Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat

Though if it’s a feature-rich option that you’re looking for and the price is not a problem, then we’d recommend you get the Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller.

If there is a double stroller that you’re using and think is better in terms of price and features, please let us know in the comments section below.

Jeff and Yvette

Jeff & his Wife Yvette live in Anaheim Hills, in Orange County California. They're fans of Disneyland, and traveling, and are parents to TWO Awesome Kid, Steven Andrew (10/21/2015), and Amelia Ann (9/19/2018) :-)

  • Abby Findley says:

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts on why you rated the Baby Trend Sit and Stand one place higher than the Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra tandem. I’m contemplating these strollers and was wondering what the differences are and what made one superior to the other!

    • Jeff and Yvette says:

      Great Question Abby!

      As you see, they’re #2 and #3 on the list and both very highly rated. The Sit and Stand has 4.2 Stars on Amazon, the Ultra Tandem has 4 stars on Amazon.

      Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either one, I don’t do ties on my site, so I had to rank them #2 and #3, it was just personal preference. 🙂

      Hope this helps!


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