October 25, 2020

Best Double Strollers for 2018

Ah, the sweet (and sometimes chaotic) journey of parenthood with little ones of different ages! Whether you’re welcoming a new addition to the family with a toddler in tow or twins, a reliable double stroller is non-negotiable. It’s that trusty companion you’ll need for those grocery runs, park adventures, or even a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. A good double stroller for an infant and toddler is more than just a set of wheels; it’s your mobile base of operations.

But, diving into the world of double strollers can feel like a whirlpool of options. Tandem, side-by-side, joggers – oh my! Fear not, for we’ve taken a stroll down the exhaustive lanes of stroller choices and come back with treasures. Our updated list for 2023 is here to guide you through the best double strollers that cater to both infant and toddler needs, ensuring a snug, safe, and smooth ride for your little treasures.

So, let’s unfold the journey together as we explore the top picks that are just a click away from making your parenting journey a breeze!

Best Double Strollers, Great for both Infants and Toddlers, Updated Late 2023

Baby Trend Sit N Stand 2.0 Double Stroller

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand 2.0 Double Stroller has been a game-changer in my stroller adventures. With a newborn and a curious toddler, this stroller’s versatility has become my daily savior. The sit and stand feature is a fun ride for my toddler, who sometimes wants to stand and explore the world and at other times, sit and relax.

The ease of maneuvering this stroller through crowded places without bumping into every second person is something I appreciate every day. It glides smoothly, and steering it is almost effortless. The ample storage basket is a godsend, especially during those hectic grocery shopping trips.

This stroller is a blend of convenience and fun for both the kiddos and me. It’s a breeze to fold and fits snugly in the trunk, waiting for the next day’s adventure. Though it might take a little muscle to lift, the smiles on my little ones’ faces are totally worth it!

  • Pros:
    • Versatile seating options catering to both infant and toddler.
    • Easy to maneuver through crowds and tight spaces.
    • Generous storage space for all the parenting essentials.
  • Cons:
    • Can be bulky when folded, requiring some muscle to lift.
    • Assembly can initially be a bit of a puzzle.
    • The absence of a parent tray or cup holder can be a tad inconvenient for longer outings.

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

Ah, the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller! Where do I begin? This stroller speaks elegance and functionality in the same breath. With a newborn and a toddler, flexibility is the name of the game, and this stroller hits the nail on the head with its over 16 configurations.

The ride is smooth as silk, and the seats are plush comfort zones for both my little ones. The ability to face the seats either way is a hit, especially with a toddler who’s keen on observing everything around. Transitioning from a single to a double stroller is a breeze, making it a smart choice for growing families.

Every outing with this stroller feels like a smooth sail. Although it’s on the heavier side, the ease of pushing it almost makes you forget the weight. The hand-operated brake is an intuitive feature that comes in handy in those abrupt stop moments. Despite its bulk, the Baby Jogger City Select is a well-rounded stroller for families seeking flexibility and comfort.

  • Pros:
    • Over 16 configurations providing unmatched flexibility.
    • Smooth ride with plush seating for both infant and toddler.
    • Hand-operated brake provides added safety and control.
  • Cons:
    • On the heavier side, making it a bit challenging to lift and transport.
    • Bulkier design may not fit through tight spaces easily.
    • Higher price point might not appeal to budget-conscious parents.

Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono Complete Stroller

The Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono Complete Stroller has been nothing short of a royal chariot for my tiny duo. Right from the first stroll, the luxury and comfort it offers have been unmistakable. The spacious design gives both my newborn and toddler their little thrones, making our outings serene.

The ease of converting it from a single to a double stroller is almost like magic. It’s astonishing how it accommodates my growing family without compromising on comfort. The storage space is akin to a mini trunk, making it a breeze to carry everything I need for a day out.

Maneuvering the Bugaboo Donkey 3 through city streets and parks is a dream. It glides smoothly on various terrains, making it a reliable companion for our outdoor adventures. Yes, the price is on the higher side, but the luxury, durability, and the ease of use justify every penny!

  • Pros:
    • Seamless conversion from single to double stroller.
    • Ample storage space for all those baby essentials.
    • Smooth maneuverability across different terrains.
  • Cons:
    • The higher price point might be a barrier for some.
    • It’s on the bulkier side, which might be a challenge in crowded spaces.
    • Initial setup can be a bit time-consuming.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller is like the Swiss army knife in the world of strollers. The versatility it brings to the table is unparalleled. With a toddler who’s keen on the world and a newborn, the multiple configurations have been a lifesaver.

The ride is as smooth as it gets. Whether it’s a run to the grocery store or a stroll in the park, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 makes it feel like a walk in the clouds. The extendable canopies are a big hit, providing ample shade for both the tots, come rain or shine.

The ease of folding and the standing fold feature are something I can’t stop raving about. It’s such a relief not to have to bend over to fold it, especially after a long day out. Though it’s a bit on the pricier side, the features and durability make it a worthy investment for the long haul.

  • Pros:
    • Multiple configurations catering to varying child age gaps.
    • Smooth ride ensuring comfort for both kids.
    • Standing fold feature making it easy to fold and store.
  • Cons:
    • Premium price may not fit all budgets.
    • Can be a bit bulky, especially in crowded or narrow spaces.
    • The lower seat has less leg room when in double configuration.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller has been a trusty steed for our family outings. This stroller stands out with its easy-to-use hand-operated decelerating & parking brake, which makes stopping a breeze, no more foot fumbling!

The ride is smooth, the seat is comfy, and the various seating configurations are fantastic for keeping both the infant and toddler happy. The addition of a bench seat is a unique feature that my toddler absolutely loves; it makes him feel like a big boy!

While it’s a bit on the heavier side, the robust build screams durability. The compact fold is also a boon, making it fit comfortably in the trunk of my car. This stroller strikes a fine balance between functionality and comfort, making it a favorite for our family.

  • Pros:
    • Hand-operated decelerating & parking brake for easy stopping.
    • Various seating configurations to accommodate kids of different ages.
    • Compact fold for easier storage and transportation.
  • Cons:
    • Heavier compared to other models.
    • The price is on the higher side.
    • Accessories like the second seat or bench seat are sold separately.

Chicco BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller

The Chicco BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller has been the knight in shining armor in my stroller saga. It’s compact yet comfortably accommodates my toddler and infant. The standing platform and bench seat are a hit with my independent toddler, while the front seat reclines adequately for my infant’s nap time.

Maneuvering it through bustling city streets is less of a chore thanks to its sleek design. It’s not the lightest, but the smooth-rolling wheels make pushing it a straightforward task. The ease of folding with one hand is a lifesaver, especially when the other hand is busy holding onto a curious toddler.

Though the storage basket could be more accessible, it’s spacious enough to carry our essentials. Overall, the Chicco BravoFor2 has turned our strolling time into a joyful experience rather than a task, and that’s a win in my book!

  • Pros:
    • Standing platform and bench seat are perfect for independent toddlers.
    • Sleek design that makes maneuvering through crowds easier.
    • One-hand fold is super convenient for on-the-go parents.
  • Cons:
    • Storage basket could be more accessible.
    • Not the lightest model on the market.
    • Could use more padding on the front seat for added comfort.

Best Cheap Double Strollers, for Those on a Budget

Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller

Oh, the Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller, my trusty companion in this parenting rollercoaster. With a toddler who’s all about independence and a newborn, this stroller has made our outings a lot less daunting. The face-time with my toddler in the rear seat while the newborn sleeps peacefully in the front is priceless.

Maneuvering it through the mall or the park is fairly straightforward. It’s not the lightest of strollers, but the wheels glide smoothly, making it easy to push around. The multiple riding positions are a godsend, allowing both kids a comfortable spot.

The one-hand fold feature is something that I didn’t know I needed until I had it. It makes folding the stroller a breeze, even with my hands full. The Graco Ready2Grow LX has indeed grown on me, making our family outings something to look forward to!

  • Pros:
    • Multiple riding positions providing comfort for both kids.
    • One-hand fold feature for easy folding and storage.
    • Decent storage space for all those baby essentials.
  • Cons:
    • It’s on the heavier side, making it a bit hard to lift.
    • Can be bulky and might struggle in tight spaces.
    • The rear seat has limited reclining positions.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

With the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller, strolling around town has become less of a hassle. The compact design is a boon in crowded places. The sit and stand feature is a total hit with my toddler, who insists on standing and viewing the world as we stroll.

The maneuverability is impressive for a double stroller; it almost feels like gliding on air. It’s lighter than many double strollers I’ve tried, which is a relief for my arms. The canopy provides decent shade, ensuring my newborn is well-protected from the sun.

While the storage basket is a tad small, it’s sufficient for a diaper bag and a few extras. Folding it is a breeze, and it fits well in the trunk without hogging all the space. The Joovy Caboose Ultralight has definitely lightened our strolling adventures!

  • Pros:
    • Sit and stand feature provides fun and freedom for the toddler.
    • Lighter and easier to maneuver compared to many double strollers.
    • Folding is simple and compact, saving precious trunk space.
  • Cons:
    • Storage basket could be larger.
    • The rear seat has limited space, might be tight for bigger toddlers.
    • Access to the basket can be tricky when the rear seat is occupied.

Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller

The first thing that struck me was the sleek design and the sturdy feel of the stroller. As someone who’s had their fair share of wrestling matches with strollers, the ease of converting it from a single to a double stroller was a breath of fresh air. The ride was smooth, and my toddler and infant both seemed comfy and happy, each in their own seat, exploring the world from their cozy perches.

The storage basket below is roomy enough for diaper bags, some shopping, and then some more. The extendable canopy provides ample shade, protecting my little ones from the sun and wind. The adjustable footrest was a hit with my toddler, he could either prop his feet up or let them dangle depending on his mood. Maneuvering through the park and the city streets was almost effortless thanks to the smooth-rolling wheels. The stroller handled bumps and uneven paths like a champ, ensuring a smooth ride for my snoozing infant.

However, every rose has its thorns, right? Folding the stroller with the second seat attached was a bit of a task. It took some getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, it became less of a chore. Also, while the stroller is budget-friendly, the second seat comes separately, which does add to the cost. And lastly, it’s a bit on the heavier side when converted to a double stroller, which can be a challenge if you’re going solo with two kids and a flight of stairs. Despite these hiccups, the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller is a reliable companion for parents with an expanding family.


  • Versatile: Easily converts from a single to a double stroller, catering to growing families.
  • Smooth Ride: Handles uneven terrains well, ensuring a comfortable ride for the kiddos.
  • Ample Storage: The spacious storage basket is a lifesaver for on-the-go parents.


  • Folding Mechanism: A bit tricky to fold with the second seat attached, takes some practice.
  • Cost of Additional Seat: While the stroller is budget-friendly, the cost of the second seat can add up.
  • Heavier as a Double: It’s noticeably heavier when used as a double stroller, which can be a tad challenging to manage.


Finding the perfect stroller to accommodate both an infant and a toddler without making outings a cumbersome chore is no easy feat. But with the right stroller, it’s like having an extra pair of hands! Our exploration of these diverse strollers is aimed at unearthing the one that resonates with your family’s needs and makes your strolling adventures joyful and hassle-free.

Whether it’s the luxury of Bugaboo Donkey 3 or the convenience of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite, the choice boils down to what fits your daily life like a glove. So, here’s to many happy strolls with your lovely duo!

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  • I’m curious to hear your thoughts on why you rated the Baby Trend Sit and Stand one place higher than the Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra tandem. I’m contemplating these strollers and was wondering what the differences are and what made one superior to the other!

    • Great Question Abby!

      As you see, they’re #2 and #3 on the list and both very highly rated. The Sit and Stand has 4.2 Stars on Amazon, the Ultra Tandem has 4 stars on Amazon.

      Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either one, I don’t do ties on my site, so I had to rank them #2 and #3, it was just personal preference. 🙂

      Hope this helps!


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