October 25, 2020

10 Best Jogging Strollers for 2018

Jogging strollers are a great way to introduce your baby to the great outdoors in a safe and entertaining manner. They enable parents to work-out without leaving their children unattended. Parents can teach their kids about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, right from a very early age.

Having a baby should never be an excuse to not stay fit!

Jogging strollers usually have 3 wheels with air-filled tires. The wheels are larger than those found on standard strollers or umbrella strollers and are thus capable of achieving higher speeds. The one-up-front-two-in-the-rear wheel configuration keeps the stroller stable over irregular terrain.

Jogging strollers usually have a higher seating position, providing kids with an opportunity to interact positively with their surroundings. Most models are also compatible with car seats, enabling parents to create a full-fledged travel solution. A Jogging stroller can have all the features found in regular strollers but it is usually a little heavier and bulkier.

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10 Best Jogging Strollers for 2018

Single Baby Jogging Strollers

1) Baby Trend Expedition – The Best Jogging Stroller:

5 Awesome Colors Available!

Equipped with large and hardy bicycle tires, the Expedition is ready to tackle almost any terrain. The front wheel swivels easily while navigating busy streets and can be locked for long walks or jogs. This stroller is compatible with Baby Trend car seats and has loads of creature comforts and features for both the baby and the caregiver. Competitive pricing and a solid build further contribute towards making this one of the most sought after jogging strollers in the US.


1)  Thanks to multi-position recline adjustment, the stroller can seat a kid weighing up to 50 pounds (or 42 inches) in decent comfort. Five point safety harness keeps child strapped securely in place even on bumpy surfaces. Baby gets an independent tray and cup holder for easy feeding.

2) The handle is fairly tall (41 inches to be exact), ergonomic and provides good grip. This means that the parent does not have to hunch forward during long walks or jogs. There’s also a separate parent tray with covered storage and two cup holders. Baby supplies can be carried in the storage basket located underneath the seat.

3) A release trigger facilitates easy folding. The wheels too, can be removed easily for compact storage.

4) An adjustable canopy keeps the Sun and wind out. Peek-a-boo window enables the parent to keep a watch on the baby.

5) The footrest is covered with reflective material for extra visibility during nighttime strolls. The handle is attached to a tethering line to ensure that it always stays within reach and never gets too far away from you.

6) Exceptional value for money. ($80 as of right now on Amazon, Crazy!)


The only downside is you might have to deal with an occasional flat tire. This can be avoided by doing some basic tire maintenance.

This stroller is a winner on all fronts. Usually, such models have an extortionately high price tag but this one is quite affordable.

2) Baby Trend Expedition  (grey & black):

Coming in Black & Grey, This is a fantastic stroller for parents who like to stay on the move. It is suitable for kids aged 6 months and above all the way up to 50 pounds or 42 inches. Bicycle wheels with air tires look cool with their retro-style shiny spokes and enable the stroller to roll over most surfaces with ease.


1) Suitable for a variety of surfaces such as cobbled streets, sidewalks, grass etc. The front tire swivels for easy low-speed maneuverability and can be locked when going over straight stretches. Large wheels offer a very comfortable ride.

2) The multi-position reclining seat with 5-point harness enables baby to remain propped up safely or can be laid out almost fully flat for napping. The stroller is compatible with Baby Trend infant car seats which are available for purchase separately. The adjustable canopy shields the occupant from the elements and the reflective coating on the footrest improves visibility after dark. A tether ensures that the stroller is always within reach.

3) Stroller can be folded easily thanks to a smart trigger. The wheels can be released quickly to achieve a more compact fold for easier storage.

4) The baby gets a swing-away tray with cup holders while parents also get a tray with two cup holders and a closed compartment for mobile phones, change etc. There’s a storage basket underneath the seat for other supplies.

5) Very good ergonomics for jogging. The parent’s feet will not hit the rear wheels even if they are taking long strides.

6) The stroller is JPMA certified. Its a lightweight stroller and has a steel frame which ensures that its durable without being too heavy or difficult to push.


This tires contain air-tubes which required regular monitoring of pressure. You might end up with a flat if you don’t maintain the wheels properly.

All-in-all, this is a fantastic stroller for the price. Baby Trend is a reputable brand with a very helpful and responsive after-sales support team. I recommend the baby trend expedition jogging stroller as it offers lots of features without breaking the bank.

3) Thule Urban Glide:

Offering a premium blend of contemporary European styling and rock-solid build quality, this could well be the ultimate luxury jogging stroller.


1) It’s large wheels with rear suspension make light work of bumpy surfaces without compromising ride quality. While most jogging strollers have tires with numerous spokes, the ones on the Urban Glide have only 6 substantial spokes; that look a lot like the alloy wheels on a premium motorcycle.

This design lends better rigidity and the entire stroller feels planted despite being quite light. Also, fewer spokes accumulate less dirt and easier to clean. As usual, the front wheels swivels or can be locked depending upon where you’re located and how fast you’re going.

2) The multi-position seat is very comfortable with lots of soft padding. The stroller is compatible with Thule infant car seats. Please refer to the compatibility chart for more details. The five-point safety harness keeps baby safe while traveling at higher speeds. The adjustable sun cover with a magnetic peek-a-boo window allows the caregiver to interact with the baby. The padding is water-repellent and can be removed for washing.

3) The handle is adjustable – making the stroller suitable for parents/babysitters of varying heights.

4) At just 23 pounds, this is one of the lightest jogging strollers and yet it has a carrying capacity of up to 75 pounds.

5) The stroller has a large, water-repellent storage bin. It zips completely shut so that none of your belongings fall off while jogging.

6) The wheels come off for easy storage and transportation.


1) This stroller does not have any trays, cup-holders, car seat adapters, rain cover etc. However, these accessories can be purchased separately.

2) Folding mechanism is safe and efficient but requires 3 steps. Can be a little fiddly, not to mention too time-consuming.

The Urban Glide by Thule is a fine example of Swedish precision. It’s a little expensive but then, who else offers a 10-year frame warranty and limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects?

4) BOB Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller:

This high-end, three-wheeled jogging stroller is ready to take on life’s little adventures! It can seat a child weighing 75 pounds or less and is compatible with BOB B-safe 35 infant car seat. You can also pair it with car seats of other manufacturers via the BOB infant car seat adapter. All car seats and adapters must be bought separately.


1) A comfortable, multi-position reclining seat with 5 point safety harness ensures that the baby stays safe even when going over bumpy surfaces. An extendable UPF 50+ canopy shields the occupant from the elements. The seat reclines down 70 degrees from the vertical position and can be adjusted with just one hand.

2) The padded handlebar has 9 adjustable positions. Often, parents of different heights find it difficult to use the same stroller. This will never be the case with the Revolution Flex. There’s also a tethering leash that can be strapped onto either wrist.

3) A futuristic suspension with 3 inches of travel and two weight-stages offers a luxurious ride.

4) The swivel-lock front tire makes the stroller easy to steer around tight bends and offers stability over straight paths.

5) A usable cargo area has been provided to store food, toys, diapers and other stuff.

6) The stroller has larger 5-spoke polymer wheels with air tires. Hence, it is usable over all types of surfaces including gravel and sand patches.

7) The stroller can be folded in two easy steps. A foot parking brake prevents it from rolling away.

8) Immaculate quality of construction. No squeaks and rattles on this one!


1) The folding mechanism, though farily straightforward, is time consuming. First, you’ll have to unstrap the babies and put them somewhere safe (in the car, for example). Then you’ll return to the stroller and fold it up. Don’t forget to open your car’s boot in advance as it’s not easy to carry the stroller in one hand. These things are applicable to all strollers in general. Just mentioning them here so that you can manage your expectations with respect to ease of use.

2) Essential accessories such as feeding trays and cup-holders need to be purchased separately.


The BOB Revolution Flex is a boon stroller for serious joggers. It’s a tad expensive but users cannot stop raving about it.

5) Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller:

This stroller comes in Mosiac Blue, Lemon Zest, and Raspberry.

Equipped with three 5-spoke wheels, this stroller is very stable and easy to push. It is usable on grass and even the occasional country trail. Like all Baby Trend Strollers, the Xcel is very well put-together and has an affordable price tag.


1) The roomy, padded seat reclines to several positions and can comfortably accommodate a child weighing up to 50 pounds. Moreover, the stroller is compatible with all Baby Trend car seats, which can be bought separately to create an efficient and cost-effective travel system stroller.

2) The front wheel swivels or locks as per your convenience.

3) The handle is tall enough for most people ( 41 inches). This is critical for long walks as low handles cause back pain.

4) The 5-point safety harness ensures that the baby remains secure while jogging over uneven surfaces. The adjustable canopy shields against winds and harsh Sunlight. Package includes a tether strap which goes onto the caregiver’s wrist. This way, there is no danger of the strolling rolling away at any point of time.

5) The Xcel folds easily. The wheels can be detached from the frame while storing so that it occupies less space.

6) Kids supplies can be carried in the storage basket. The handle features a bottle/cup holder for the parent.

7) The child tray comes in quite handy while feeding.

8) The reflective coating on the footrest makes the stroller more visible at night.

9) Despite being quite roomy and comfy, the stroller is narrow enough to go through almost all doorways. Width is 21 inches.


1) An occasional flat tire is virtually inevitable.

2) It’s a little heavier than average at almost thirty pounds.

Overall, The Baby Trend Xcel is a JPMA certified jogging stroller. This is a top-selling model and it’s easy to see why – it’s  economical, safe, comfortable, fairly reliable and just XCELlent!

6) Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller:

Available in Black, Blueberry, Charcoal, and Red – This stroller is surprisingly comfortable and can be used even for larger kids or as a wheel-chair for children with special needs. The seat is about as high as an average chair. This makes ingress and egress easy and is also convenient when the lining the stroller up against dining tables.

This 360 is compatible with car seats, which means that it can be used from infancy, all the way up to 75 pounds! Usually, parents buy 2-3 strollers to accommodate the growing needs of their baby.

The Joovy Zoom 360 is a full sized stroller that is also quite light and versatile. This could well be the only stroller that you’ll ever need.


1) The stroller has a graphite aluminum frame. This explains why it has such a high carrying capacity even though it’s weight is only 25.7 pounds.

2) The seat is high, extra-wide and reclines to multiple positions. A five point harness keeps the occupant strapped in securely at all times. An adjustable overhead canopy protects from the Sun and rain.

3) Two 16 inch rear wheels and a 12.5 inch swivel-lock wheel enable the stroller to tackle all surfaces without breaking a sweat. Straight rear axle provides rigidity and stability while the shock-absorbing suspension filters out most bumps. The wheels can be removed easily so that the stroller occupies less storage space.

4) Parents get an organizer tray with two drink holders and a zippered compartment to store their keys and phone while jogging. The child seat has mesh pockets on the inner sides for treats and favorite toys. There’s a reasonably sized storage basket under the seat for other supplies.

5) The stroller folds away quickly and easily.

6) Has a couple of thoughtful additions such as a running leash (tether) and an air pump!


It’s hard to get away from the fact that this stroller is a big bulky. Assembled dimensions: 25 x 54 x 46 inches. Folded dimensions: 19 x 25 x 34.

Overall, The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight is one great jogger! It was chosen as one of the top three jogging strollers by the Women’s Running Magazine!

Need I say more?

7) J is for Jeep Brand Adventure All-Terrain Jogging Stroller:

Since its inception in 1941, the Jeep brand has been synonymous with outdoor activities. At first glance, the Adventure All-Terrain stroller looks cute and sporty. Let’s find out if this is the right stroller for you.


1) This three wheeled stroller is JPMA certified and either meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM and CPSC standards.

2) Car seat compatibility enables buyers to create a complete travel solution without overspending. Stroller is compatible with Graco SnugRide Click Connect, Evenflo Nurture, Evenflo Embrace plus a few other models. Refer to Amazon video for full details. Note: Car seats must be purchased separately.

3) Weighs just 21 pounds and folds compactly for easy storage.  Can hold a child weighing up to 50 pounds or 42 inches.

4) Gets all the usual goodies like multi-position recline, 5-point safety harness with soft shoulder pads, extendable canopy with sun visor, storage basket, ergonomic handle with foam grip, safety tether, child tray and a parent tray with covered storage compartment and two drink holders.

5) Most jogging strollers are not travel-friendly. However, the Adventure is light and the wheels are removabe – this makes it a breeze to transport.

6) The front tire swivels while negotiating tight corners and busy streets. It can be locked when jogging over straight paths at higher speeds.

7) Reflective surfaces serve as an added safety measure after dark.


Technically, the J is for Jeep Adventure ticks all boxes. It’s quite affordable too. However, much like Jeeps themselves, the build quality is a little dodgy.

Jeep is a fairly reliable brand but there seem to be a few quality issues with this particular model.

Honestly, even though this stroller has loads of features, and it’s not a BAD stroller by any means – I recommend skipping it and taking a look at some of the Baby Trend jogging strollers described above.

The Best Double Baby Jogging Strollers:

8) BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Jogging Stroller:


This three-wheeler can accommodates two kids – making it perfect for families with twins or two or more children of different ages. Each seat can hold a child weighing up to 50 pounds. Stroller is also compatible with infant car seats sold by BOB and other major manufacturers. Car seat adapter by BOB Duallie is available for purchase separately.


1) Larger high-impact polymer wheels with air filled tires make the stroller good for almost all types of terrain, including grass, country roads and also an occasional stretch of gravel. The swivel-locking front wheel delivers impressive low speed maneuverability and comes with a wheel tracking feature to enable easy alignment and locking.

2) The Revolution Flex features a sophisticated adjustable suspension offering 3 inches of travel and 2 stages of weight support. This ensures a smooth and stable ride for the occupant even over inhospitable surfaces.

3) Over-sized UPF 50+ canopies with peek-a-boo windows keep wind, rain and Sun out. Seats are equipped with 5-point safety harnesses and can be reclined with just one hand. A tether keeps the stroller within reach and doubles up as a binding strap when it is folded.

4) The stroller has a large cargo area under the seats to accommodate supplies for both children.

5) Convenient foot brake keeps the stroller planted even on inclines.

6)  Padded handlebar is adjustable to 9 positions, making the stroller suitable for parents/caregivers of varying heights.

7) Stroller folds fairly easily in two steps.

8) Available in Four Colors: Black, Canyon Orange, Lagoon   Red


1) It’s bulky and heavy – not easy to carry because of its size and weight (33.1 pounds).

2) Lacks trays, bottle holders and parent organizer tray. These accessories are available for sale separately.

3) Pricey!

All-in-All, The BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie is an engineering masterpiece. It’s rugged, reliable and efficient – much like a professional mountain bike.

100% recommended for people who are serious about leading an active lifestyle.


9) Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller:

This is an upscale, three-wheeled double stroller. It’s equipped with all-terrain wheels with pneumatic tires and patented one-hand folding technology. Let’s take a closer look.


1) 12 inch swivel-lock front wheel and 16 inch rear wheels with independent suspension enables the Summit to glide over virtually all types of surfaces smoothly. This stroller has very good off-road performance.

2) Hand operated rear drum brakes hold the Summit firmly in place irrespective of the gradient. A hand tether acts as an added safety measure.

3) Padded multi-position seat reclines almost completely flat. 5-point safety harness keeps baby safe even on downward slopes. Other features include a large storage area and UPF 50 canopies with peek-a-boo windows and side air vents for better ventilation.

4) The Summit has a combined carrying capacity of 100 pounds.

5) Despite being a double stroller, the Summit is easy to fold thanks to its brilliantly designed mechanism.


1) It’s a double stroller with the seats in a side-by-side configuration and hence, it’s not exactly compact.

2) Package does not include child tray and parent organizer. These need to be purchased separately.

3) Even though the Summit is a phenomenal stroller with strong-all round ability, it loses some points as no car seat adapters are available for the dual (two seat) model. Baby Jogger does manufacture adapters but they’re meant for the single seat version of the Summit only.

This would have been the best dual jogging stroller but since it is not compatible with prams and car seats, it should not be used for jogging with infants who cannot hold their head up on their own. Baby Jogger is an amazing brand and all their products are pretty awesome. I wonder how they missed this point.

(Our Full List of Recommended Double Joggers can be found here)

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the best jogging strollers of our era. Please share your pick of the lot in the comments section below.

Your tips and insights are immensely valuable as they help other parents to make the right choices!

Thank you.

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