Disneyland Stroller Rental 101 – What You Need To Know

Disneyland Stroller Rental 101 - We Gots The Info!

If you are planning a magical fun-filled vacation with your kids to Disney World, it’s time to get ready for facing some challenges. A trip to Disneyland sounds exciting, but how will you maneuver your kids and all their stuff around the giant theme parks then back to your hotel or to the airport?

So, families with young kids need to have a stroller while roaming in Disneyland. Since you will be walking the entire theme park, you can consider taking a stroller even if your kids have grown above the regular stroller age.

We have compiled this complete stroller guide to get you started with your trip planning.

You can get a stroller for your trip to Disneyland through three ways:

  1. Rent a Disneyland Stroller from the park itself and use it every day.
  2. Rent a stroller for your Disneyland trip from any outside vendor.
  3. Carry your own stroller too, provided it meets all the guidelines as stated by Disneyland.

Disneyland Stroller Rental

Strollers are available for rent outside the Disneyland Park’s main entrance, adjacent to the Kennel. Disney stroller rentals can be used in both Disney California Adventure Park and Disneyland Park.

Stroller rental price at Disneyland

  • $15 per day for one stroller
  • $35 per day for a double stroller

If you have prepaid rent for all the days of your stay at Disneyland, make sure that you have kept the receipt properly. With this, you can always rent a new stroller when you leave the rented stroller within the park. (You cannot take a stroller outside the park).


  • Less hassle while taking shuttles and buses in the park.
  • No need to worry about the guidelines provided by Disneyland.


  • You cannot take the strollers to the hotels, which is outside the screening area.

Disneyland Rental Stroller Third Party

Disneyland strollers cannot be taken outside the two parks. Therefore, if you want to return to the hotel at any point of time, you will have to return the stroller at the park itself, which can be exhausting. In such cases, the best option is to rent a stroller from outside third party.


  • There are various options available; most of them are of high brands. You do not need to worry about quality.
  • Various vendors also provide the service of stroller delivery to your hotel and pick up too.
  • These strollers can be taken off-site. You do not have to wake a sleeping baby upon leaving Disneyland to walk to the hotel.


  • Troublesome to pack it and put it into a car or a bus.

Bringing your Own Stroller to Disneyland

If you don’t prefer a rented stroller, you can bring your own stroller within Disneyland. There are a couple of guidelines that should be met before choosing a stroller.

  • The stroller should not be larger than 31” x 52” in size.
  • No wagons are allowed inside the park. Disneyland has revised various guidelines w.e.f. May 2019. According to that, wagons will not be allowed inside the park.
  • Stroller wagons are also not permitted.

If you are planning a long trip, it is advisable to bring your own stroller to Disneyland. You can save $15 to $35 for each day of your trip! Also, your kid will enjoy having his or her favorite stroller, and at the same time, it is easy to locate your own stroller at Disneyland.

You can find various strollers on Amazon.com that will perfectly fit the Disneyland guidelines. At the same time, these good quality strollers are comfortable for your kid as compared to the rented strollers. In addition, you can find various strollers on sale that will cost you less than half of the rent that you will pay while renting it.

Top 5 Strollers to Take to the Disneyland

You may find different varieties of strollers online or offline. Here are the five best strollers that you can buy to save the Disney stroller rental amount. So, just understand the pros and cons of every type and choose the best one for your kid so he/she could enjoy the Disneyland trip fully.

#1. UPPAbaby G- LUXE Stroller, Jake

This is one of the most lightweight and comfortable strollers that provides plenty of room for your baby. It is spacious and handy to carry all your essentials such as snacks, bottles, Disney Souvenirs, etc. Also, it is easy to open with an extendable canopy.


  • Side pockets provide more storage space.
  • Deep recline feature for extra comfort and a good nap.
  • Easy to clean fabric.
  • Carry shoulder strap available for easy transportation.
  • Extendable sunshade with SPF 50.


  • Should have a proper ventilation system.

#2. BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller

A Jogging stroller with excellent running capacity will be much better than a regular stroller, as you will be in the park for hours, hopping on various buses. The front pivot wheels make this stroller very convenient to move. The seat is thickly padded making it very comfortable for your kid.


  • Large canopy makes it ideal for summer vacation to Disneyland
  • Easy to fold and put in a car
  • Large storage basket to store all the essentials


  • A little heavy for a single stroller

#3. Besrey Airplane Stroller

This stroller is ideal for air travelers. You can mount this in airplane overhead compartments due to its lightweight, easy folding ability and compact size. It has a locking mechanism of the wheels, which is helpful to ensure that the stroller does not go in the wrong direction when not in use.


  • Small size makes the movement easier, especially at crowded places
  • Large canopy
  • Has a wheel locking system
  • Easy to fold and unfold


  • It will not lay back as the backside of the stroller is not adjustable

#4. Summer Infant 3D Light Convenience Stroller

The compact and easily foldable stroller makes a perfect companion for your Disneyland trip. It has a large basket to store all the essentials of a trip and for your baby. It has a fully reclaimable seat. It provides good room for your kid with well-cushioned seats to keep the baby comfortable.


  • Anti-shock front wheels for extra comfort of the little one
  • Large storage space and a cup holder is available behind canopy
  • Lightweight and easy to move in crowded places
  • Can be fully reclined


  • No mesh windows in the side restrict ventilation

#5 Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

This stroller is specifically designed for hassle free transportation in buses and trains. It has a large canopy to protect the baby from heat during summers. Another important feature of this stroller is breathable mesh at the back of the seat that enhances air circulation. 


  • Lightweight and can be folded with one hand.
  • Large canopy with UV protection.
  • Ample storage space to store all the necessities; also includes a parent cup holder.
  • Cool mesh at the back to improve air circulation.


  • Not suitable for a tall parent as the handles are low making it uncomfortable to move.


A good stroller rental or owned will ensure the comfort of your baby and at the same time, will let you enjoy your trip to Disneyland…

Happy Planning!

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