Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Stroller Review

The Original Baby Jogger City Mini was one of the most sensible & popular urban/city strollers in the country.

The Baby Jogger City Mini 2 is everything that the earlier version was, plus more!

Baby Jogger claims that it has improved, in every way, from the original. Let’s find out if that statement holds any truth to it.

The Baby Jogger City Mini 2

The updated City Mini 2 boasts of a sleek and refreshed look, better features and a hard-wearing yet lightweight frame.

It still has the iconic 3-wheel design, except that instead of one, the stroller is equipped with two-smaller wheels at the front, mounted on a single axle.

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Stroller

This provides the stability of a four wheeled stroller along with the alacrity and maneuverability of a three-wheeler. The stroller also retains Baby Jogger’s signature one hand fold.

A stroller that folds with one hand should be light enough to be lifted by just one hand.

Otherwise, the one-hand fold becomes just a superficial, impractical feature that doesn’t really add any value to the stroller.

​Fortunately, the Baby Jogger City Mini 2 weighs just a shade over 18 pounds and can be lifted easily with one hand, even if the caregiver is holding the baby on the other arm.

18.8 lbs is superb for a full size stroller (yes, this is a full size despite being called the Mini), especially considering the fact that most bare-bones umbrella strollers come close to weighing about 15 lbs.

Here’s a closer look at some of the City Mini’s notable features:

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Stroller Features

baby jogger city mini 2 features

The Baby Jogger City 2 Mini is compatible With Infant Car Seats: 

The strollers ​works with infant car seats to form a travel system. (Bassinets can be installed on the stroller as well)

The best part is that the adapters for the City Go car seat are already included with the stroller. (The car seat itself is available for purchase separately). The stroller is compatible with car seats of other makes too.

You can ​DOWNLOAD the complete compatibility chart by ​clicking here.

More Features

Usable from Birth to 54 Months: The fact that the stroller accepts car seats/bassinets means that it can be used from birth.

While most strollers have a maximum occupant age limit of only 36 or 42 months, this one can be used all the way up to 54 months. It is not uncommon for even four-year-old kids to get tired after a while and it’s good to know that it’s perfectly safe for them to ride in the stroller.

By being usable for a longer time, the stroller gives a better return on investment to buyers, compared to other models. In simple words, you’re getting more for your money!

  • One Hand Fold with Automatic Lock: Folds quickly and compactly for convenient storage. The auto-lock feature kicks in to prevent unintentional unfolding.
  • Uniquely Comfortable: Comes with a padded seat that can be reclined to several positions and falls almost fully flat if the baby wishes to take a nap. This new version also includes adjustable under-calf support, allowing the occupant to rest their legs comfortably. It really helps kids to rest fully – they cannot really nap properly with the ends of their legs dangling.
  • UV50 Canopy: Fully adjustable overhead canopy shields the occupant against the elements and protects against the harmful Ultra-Violet rays of the Sun. There’s also two peek-a-boo windows to make the child feel secure and to enable the parent/caregiver to monitor the kid’s activities.
  • Smooth and Secure: The stroller rides smoothly in urban areas and can tackle short stretches of grass and gravel as well, albeit reluctantly.

There’s a foot activated rear brake to lock the stroller in place. Unlike other strollers wherein the harness is so thin that it can cause chafing, the five point harness in the City Mini 2 has a fair bit of soft padding. It cocoons the occupant securely instead of making him/her feel restricted and tied down.


  • Maneuvers Like A Dream! Remember the time when you were young and eager to steer the shopping carts in supermarkets? Well, this strollers moves around so nicely that it will bring back that feeling! The handle too, feels good to hold. If only it would’ve been height adjustable....
  • Accessories Galore: You can customize your Baby Jogger City Mini 2 to best suit your needs and lifestyle, thanks to a wide variety of accessories such as a weather shield, bug cover, child trays, parent trays and so on.
  • There’s also a glider board that allows the stroller to hold a second child (presumably) for short periods.
  • Storage Basket: The under-seat storage basket is big enough for toys, supplies and perhaps even a grocery bag or two. It’s accessible from the front as well as the rear.
  • The City Mini 2 is available in number of exciting themes such as Capri, Jet, Sepia and Jet.


  • Not good off-road: Many three-wheeled strollers have those pneumatic all-terrain bicycle wheels for a good reason. They are capable of handling all kids of surfaces such as sand, grass, gravel, dirt roads and so on. This stroller is best used only in cities (no wonder it’s called the City Mini)
  • Misses out on free accessories like child trays, parent trays, cup holders. These are standard accessories in almost all other strollers. On the Mini 2, these are available for purchase separately as optional extras.
  • Not a Performance Oriented Jogger: This stroller is marketed as an agile, urban stroller. The Mini 2 is okay for brisk walks and short jogs but if you’re serious about jogging, you should consider something purpose built such as a Thule Glide 2.0

Final Verdict:

The Baby Jogger is not perfect, but it meets all the needs of city dwellers. Sure, it misses out on bicycle wheels, but this saves weight and is convenient as many people do not like to be bothered with wheel maintenance.

Most importantly, this product possesses that elusive ‘peace of mind’ vibe. This is largely because of the fact that Baby Jogger is a trusted, 36-year-old brand and also because this particular model has received rave reviews from parents.

The Mini 2 is well constructed and comfortable. Even if you opt for a few accessories, it still manages to stay within the ‘affordable’ range.

Considering all factors, the City Mini 2 definitely receives the SnugBaby Seal of Approval!

​Learn more or buy one now from!

Snugbaby Score: 9​4/100

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