Baby Jogger City Mini Double Review

Baby Jogger City MINI DOUBLE Review

The Baby Jogger City Mini Double is an award winning model as it combines reliability, twin-mobility and agility into one compact and lightweight package.

While most double strollers weigh upwards of at least 35 pounds, this one tips the scale at just 28.6 pounds. What’s more impressive is that it does this without compromising on space, comfort and build quality.

Also, we’ve noticed that Baby Jogger strollers and accessories tend to be slightly pricey. That’s absolutely not the case with this City Mini Double though. It’s quite affordable, especially if you take into account that Baby Jogger is a three and a half decade old, trusted brand with a proven record.

Usually double strollers tend to be heavy, bulky and cumber. This one is nimble and easy to maneuver. It has two seats in a tandem or side-by-side configuration. Hence, both kids are happy as both of them get to ride in the ‘front’ seat.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

Despite being a tandem, it’s just thirty inches wide and can easily pass through most standard doorways.

​Noteworthy Features of the Baby Jogger City Mini Double

  • Durable Aluminum Frame: While most strollers are built on a steel frame, the City Mini uses aluminum; which is incredibly robust but it’s also very light (there’s a reason airplanes are made out of aluminum).​​
  • ​​Baby Jogger also sells a glider board accessory for this stroller so that ​an older child can ride standing up at the back. It’s not just a gimmick either, people actually use it with three children on board and so far, there’s been no complaints.
  • Converts Into A Travel System: The City Mini Double can accept an infant car seat to form a travel system stroller.

It would’ve been great if two infant car seats can be mounted onto the stroller simultaneously. Alas, that’s not the case with the City Mini Double. On the plus side though, the seat falls almost fully flat so it can be used for babies, although probably not for newborns without the car seat.

The City Mini Double has three modes – It can be used as a toddler stroller, as a travel system with an infant car seat and also as a newborn stroller with a bassinet/pram.

​Note: Car seat and bassinet need to be purchased separately. It is best to opt for Baby     Jogger​ accessories to avoid compatibility issues.

​You can find more information regarding infant car seat compatibility on the official​ Baby Jogger website:

​More Stuff We Love

  • 6 EVA Wheels: The stroller features two rear wheels and four front wheels. Unlike in other double strollers, such as the Joovy Caboose wherein the front and rear wheels are aligned exactly one behind the other, the City Mini Double’s front wheels are closer to each other. This makes it highly maneuverable by giving it a shorter turning radius.
  • ​By bringing the front dual swivel wheels wheels closer, the engineers at Baby Jogger have made this stroller almost as agile as a three wheeler (for eg: ​Baby Trend Expedition Double) ​without sacrificing stability. The front wheels can be locked if you’re going for brisk stroll.
  • ​The 8 inch wheels are designed predominantly for urban use but can also hold their own ​over short patches of grass, gravel sand etc. The wheels have a quick release mechanism.   ​
  • They can be removed to save space while storing or transporting the stroller.
  • Front-Wheel Suspension makes for a smooth ride, allowing occupants to rest and even nap. It filters out bumps and adds a touch of luxury – no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars for a product that rides like a rickety umbrella stroller.

The suspension also makes the stroller easier to push, even when loaded. A rear parking brake keeps the stroller securely planted

Comfortable seats recline to multiple positions with a maximum angle of 150 degrees (almost flat). Baby Jogger has enhanced the padding for this edition – kids can ride in it for longer without getting sore and cranky.

This makes the stroller perfect for full days of activity such as weekend shopping/grocery hauls and trips to amusement parks.

  • ​The seats recline independently (this is a blessing). One kid can sit up and take in the ​surroundings while the other gets some rest.    
  • Each seat comes with a 5-point safety harness with buckle covers and shoulder pads for additional comfort. The seat tops are vented and there are retractable weather shields to​ cover the mesh in cold weather.
  • ​The seat backs have storage space for small soft toys, books, gloves and other stuff.
  • Individually Adjustable UV50 canopies are quite large and really do a marvelous job of keeping the elements out. The kids can have some privacy in crowded areas.        
  • ​Peek-a-boo windows enable parents to peek at their little ones from time to time.
  • Patented Quick Fold Technology With Auto-Lock: Fold your stroller with one quick and smooth motion. The removable automatic lock prevents it from unfolding when stored. The stroller folds with the child trays and the universal parent console attached to the frame.
Quick and Easy Fold!


  • Great for families with twins or two kids of a close age
  • Baby ​Jogger has increased the handle height in this model, making it suitable for taller parents.
  • Car seat compatibility
  • Maneuverability, compact size and ease of use
  • Front wheel suspension
  • Very good pricing for a double stroller
  • Large number of optional accessories such as weather shield, trays and so on.


  • Not suitable for extended use in the countryside. More of a City stroller (as is evident by the name)
  • Even basic accessories such as parent and child trays need to be bought separately.
  • Handle is not height adjustable. Very tall/short people may experience problems because of this.
  • The stroller does not stand on its own when folded. It falls flat on the ground.
  • Accepts only one infant car seat. How are you going to use it as a travel system if you have two newborn twins?
  • Despite the name, it's NOT suitable for jogging

The Final Verdict:

The Baby Jogger City Mini Double Does most things right and very few things wrong. We love it, and think you will too!  

Pick it up at, or just read more customer reviews!

​P.S. If you want more features such as all terrain wheel and height adjustable handle, you may consider it’s older sibling, the City Mini GT Double.


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