Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System Review

baby jogger city mini gt travel system

In our view, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System is one of the most unfussy, convenient and dependable travel system strollers on the market.

If you have only a couple of minutes to choose and want a stroller that’s comfortable, light, durable and loaded with features, just pick the City Mini GT (It’s a no brainer!)

The best part is that it manages to be all this without breaking the bank. It’s not what you’d call a budget stroller but the price to performance and quality ratio is remarkably impressive.

The travel system includes the best selling three-wheeled City Mini GT single stroller plus the highly acclaimed City Go infant car seat. The car seat base and adapters are part of the package – no need to buy them separately.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System

Everything is neatly packed and thanks to the intuitive design, it’s all easy to put together.

You won’t need to bring out the toolbox and fiddle with screwdrivers for 40 minutes to assemble the stroller. Everything about this travel system is so smooth and simple, it puts a smile on your face!

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System Features:

  • Adventures From Day One! The travel system is perfectly safe for newborns and you can take them on short adventures and outings so that they begin to learn about the world as early as possible.
  • Thanks to the superb quality of construction, the stroller is 100% reliable and even though it’s light, it feels planted at all times. The stroller rides like an absolute dream and handles bumps without losing its composure.
  • All Terrain Wheels! The forever air wheels are a brilliant idea. They’re quite handy over various types of surfaces and you don’t have to undergo the hassle of maintaining them and worrying about air pressure and punctures.

Now don’t get us wrong. If you want something that’s dedicated to off-roading, you should look at one of those jogging strollers with bicycle wheels and pneumatic tires (Baby Trend Expedition, anyone?)

This one can take on all types of terrain but let’s not forget that it’s called the CITY mini after all. It can handle a picnic to the countryside, a stroll down a cobblestone path, a day at the beach and so on. But we suggest that you keep your expectations reasonable and not go jogging with it over dirt roads.

  • Versatile Infant Car Seat: The City Go car seat is one the most versatile and trusted car seats on the market. It can hold babies weight between 4 and 35 pounds and attached onto the stroller in rear facing configuration to maximise parent-child interaction.

As mentioned earlier, the car seat base is part of the deal but the cool thing is that this car seat is safe to use with or without the base.

This is great for parents/caregivers to don’t drive or just find it easier to take a taxi. It’s also convenient to quickly switch between your personal vehicle and a cab as the car seat base can remain installed in your car.

  • It’s ​Nimble! The three wheel design is one of the hallmarks of this stroller. Once you’ve experienced how agile and easy to steer it is, you won’t feel like going back to the conventional four wheel models. They’ll feel a bit dreary and unexciting.
  • This one looks ​lush and has a hint of sportiness to it. It has a very short turning radius, which is extremely useful while carving out gaps at busy supermarkets on the weekends.

Please note that this stroller is not approved for jogging (Baby Jogger has the Summit X3 for that purpose) but you can use it for power walks within the city and on flat surfaces.

The handlebar is height adjustable – no more back aches due to leaning too far forward. The hand operated parking brake holds the stroller firmly in place when engaged.

​The stroller seat is plush and comfy; it reclines to multiple positions to allow your toddler to rest/nap. The seat fabrics are removable and machine washable. Under the seat there is a fairly roomy storage basket that can accommodate toys, grocery bags, diapers etc.

​Thankfully, the edges are fairly high and the basket does not sag when loaded. The seat back serves as as an auxiliary storage space.

  • 5-point Safety Harnesses are an essential safety feature in strollers. However, in many models, it is uncomfortable enough to tempt parents into not using it at all. The one in the City Mini GT has nice padded shoulder pads and hence kids find it to be reassuring instead of restricting.
  • Large Adjustable UV50+ Canopy helps to protect the occupant from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. They also do a decent job of keeping the wind and dust out.

There’s a peek-a-boo window at the back to allow the parent to check in on their kid from time to time.

  • Quick, Compact, One-Step, One-Hand Fold With Automatic Lock: We love that the stroller folds with just one hand in one quick motion and locks automatically.

At just over 20 pounds, it’s light enough to carry with one hand. When folded, the stroller fits in the backs of most cars. The EVA wheels can be released to save even more space.


  • Usable From Birth
  • All-Terrain wheels and plush ride
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Complete Travel System with the car seat base and adapters included
  • Infant car seat can be used with or without the base


  • Frankly, there’s nothing much to say here as the stroller ticks almost every box but let us nitpick and say that it would’ve been way more convenient had the stroller been able to stand up while folded.
  • Also, please note that this is not meant for jogging. The name Baby Jogger tends to confuse many parents. And yes, a parent tray with covered storage and cup holder would have been nice too. (This is an optional accessory; it’s available for purchase separately)

Final Verdict:

What verdict? Just get it already.

You simply cannot go wrong with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System. People who’ve bought it can’t stop raving about it. It’s that good, really!

As reviewers, we try to stay impartial and objective but we have to give credit where it’s deserved.  

​That said, pick this up now - we're sure youll love it! 🙂


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