Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller Review

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller Review

​​The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller is purpose built for parents with twins or two kids who are more or less or a similar age. It has a side-by-side seating configuration and can carry two occupants ranging between 6 months to an impressive fifty pounds or 42 inches.

Let's be honest, ​pushing two strollers around is just not ​practical for a single ​person or caregiver. There are a few half decent Sit and Stand strollers in the market; these sort of serve as double strollers but they're usable only in urban areas and that too, only for short duration's.

Some double strollers have two seats, one behind the other. This is okay when the kids are very little but as they grow older, they become more curious and ​want to look around at their surroundings. This often leads to ​fighting over who gets the ​front seat​.

Parents who have more than one kid will definitely relate to this... (I've got two kids, trust me on this!) 

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

Conventional double strollers (those having a 4/8 wheel configuration) are clumsy, bulky and hard to steer. Plus they’re no good off the road and certainly not suitable for jogging or brisk walking. ​So -  â€‹Baby Trend​​ solves a unique problem and it does so with poise and efficiency.

The three wheeled design is stable and makes the stroller a breeze to maneuver. Despite being a double, it doesn't FEEL like a double - honestly, it both looks and feels ​"zippy".

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller​ Features:

  • Pneumatic, All-Terrain Bicycle Tires: The front features a 12 inch spoked wheel and there are two 16 inch wheels at the back. The larger wheels at the rear provide a low centre of gravity and ensure a smooth, balanced ride even when one side (seat) is slightly heavier than the other.
  • ​The rubber tires aid in maintaining sufficient traction over all types of surfaces be it smooth indoor tiles or uneven country roads. They can even tackle grass and short stretches of sand​ and gravel, making this an ideal stroller for families who have an affinity for the great outdoors.
  • Swivel-Locking Front Wheel: The front wheel swivels and hence, unlike other bulky double strollers, the Expedition Double Jogger is always willing to turn. This is precisely why despite being a fully loaded, the stroller remains agile.
  • Parents can lock the front wheel while jogging so that the stroller remains very stable and does not wobble over small bumps and irregularities.
  • Foot Activated Rear Brake: With two kids and luggage on-board, the stroller can weigh up to 150 pounds. If left unchecked, such an amount of mass can quickly gather velocity and momentum. Hence, the jogger is equipped with foot activated rear brakes to prevent it from rolling on inclined surfaces.
  • There’s also a tether to ensure that the stroller is always within reach of the parent
  • Multi-Position Seat Recline: Both the seats recline to multiple positions and they do so independently. This means that one child can nap while the other can sit up if that’s what he or she wants.

Each seat is equipped with a 5-point safety harness. There’s an overhead ratcheting shade canopy to protect the occupants from the Sun, wind, dust etc.

​The stroller has a solid frame and the seats are made out of durable fabrics. There is no   under-seat support as such but still, the seats do not sag in the middle.

​All fabrics are fairly easy to clean. A vacuum cleaner can be used to get rid of crumbs ​& other dust particles. Stains can be cleaned using non-toxic wipes of a mild soap.

Parent Tray and Large Storage Basket: Even though this is no luxury stroller, the parent tray with two cup holders makes it feel one. Parents will also find the covered storage compartment quite useful for keeping their keys, cellphone etc.

Two kids means double the fun. It also means more toys, snacks, drinks and supplies. Thankfully, the Expedition Double  Jogger comes with a large storage basket that can hold all that plus a grocery bag or two.


  • Lightweight Construction: The frame is robust but not too heavy. Even though this is a double, it weighs a mere 34 pounds.
  • Quick Trigger Fold: The stroller can be folded in one swift and smooth move thanks to a trigger mechanism. If required, the rear wheels can be released quickly (this helps to free up space). The strollers fits easily in the boot of medium sized cars.
  • JPMA Certified Product: Adheres to all industry standards and safety regulations
  • BPA Free Plastics: The Parent tray and other bits of plastic are BPA free (non-toxic and environmentally friendly)
  • Affordable Pricing: This is one of the lowest priced double jogging strollers that you can buy without compromising on quality.
  • Easy Availability of spares and accessories: Since Baby Trend is a very popular brand, spares are relatively easier to procure. Baby Trend also offers a multitude of accessories for their strollers. These include rain covers, summer snuzzlers etc.
  • Available in three vibrant themes: Elixer, Carbon and Griffin


  • No Child Trays: Children do not get trays or cupholders. This makes feeding a little cumbersome.
  • Not compatible with infant car seats: The Expedition Double Jogger does not accept any make or model or infant car seat. This is one of the major flaws of this stroller. It does not convert into a travel system.
  • ​The stroller is not usable from birth (6 months and upwards) and hence, you’ll have to buy ​​a different stroller for the newborn/s and upgrade to this one after a while.
  • Air tires require maintenance: Users have to monitor the air pressure and probably get an air pump. The tires can go flat if neglected or subjected to too much abuse. This is fixable at your local cycle shop but some parents feel that it’s too much of a hassle.
  • The 5-point harness is needs a bit of soft padding.

Final Verdict:

A value for money product. In today’s times when kids and adults are addicted to their cell phones, this stroller is a great way to get out with the kids and inculcate within them a love for sports.

Non-compatibility with infant car seats hurts this stroller’s score a bit. (Check out the Navigator Lite Double Jogger​​ if that's an important feature for you)

That being said, this is a FANTASTIC, fantastic stroller - you can read more or pick it up at!

Snugbaby Score: 88/100

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