Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller Review

Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller Review – Strength Meets Agility

Bugaboo buffalo review

The Bugaboo Buffalo is a rugged, robust and illustrious stroller that’s equally at home in the city and the countryside.

The Buffalo is the most affordable full-size stroller by Bugaboo and is prized for it’s classy styling, innovative design, convenience and the large amount of storage space on offer.

This Buffalo is always ready to go anywhere. It’s usable right from day one and has a large and comfortable seat that can hold a child weighing up to 37.5 lbs or 36 months old.

The package includes the stroller frame with four wheels, a bassinet, stroller seat and an additional tote bag that can safely hang from the handle.

​Bugaboo Buffalo Features:

Easy To Assemble: No special tools required. Just follow the instructions in the manual or watch the videos on Bugaboo’s website. You should be able to figure out and set everything up within 15 minutes.

Birth to Toddler: The stroller comes with a bassinet and hence, it’s perfect safe for newborns. The carry-cot is nice and comfy – the protective canopy can be adjusted to keep the Sun and bright lights away from the baby. The bassinet is (reassuringly) rear facing and enables the parent to keep a close eye on the infant.

It takes mere seconds to remove the bassinet and install the spacious seat onto the frame. The seat is perched high which gives the occupant a feeling of confidence while also leaving more room for the  storage compartment underneath.

Converts Into A Travel System: The Buffalo stroller accepts infant car seats of select brands such as Maxi Cosi, Chicco, Britax and Peg Perego. The car seats and adapters need to be purchased separately.

All-Terrain Performance: Let’s get it straight, the Bugaboo is an all-terrain stroller but think of it more as a crossover than hardcore all-terrain.

It can withstand a good amount of abuse and gobbles up grass, sand, gravel and even snow with a voracious appetite. However, it would be unjust to expect it to perform like a dedicated three-wheeled jogging stroller with bicycle tires and independent suspension.

On the plus side though, the Buffalo’s wheels never ever run out of air. It just keeps rolling with determination and when the going gets tough (sand or snow), you can raise the front two wheels and have it roll only on the larger back wheels (rear wheel mode).

Be it trips to malls, strolls in the park or barbecue trips out in the countryside, the Bugaboo performs with zeal and vigor.

While the Buffalo does not have a suspension setup, the chassis has a certain desirable degree of flexibility. This ensures that the ride quality is not terrible, even on dirt tracks. We feel that the Buffalo will spend most of its time on paved roads and it rides beautifully over those.

Swivel-Locking Front Wheels: The front wheels swivel for tackling tight turns and can be locked for strolling over predominantly straight roads.

It’s pleasantly surprising how the stroller tackles a stretch of gravel with ease and the next moment it maneuvers delicately around narrow aisles.

The front wheels are 10 inches in diameter while the rear wheels are slightly larger with a diameter of 12 inches. This puts more weight on the rear wheels so that the front wheels can swivel freely as required.

Reversible Seat: The Buffalo’s stroller seat is ultra-comfy and can be attached onto the frame in a parent or world-facing position.

The seat reclines to multiple positions in both front and rear facing mode. It can be adjusted with just one hand so that your other hand is free. 

The seat is lined with high quality fabrics and your little ones will not get grumpy after riding around for only a few minutes. They can nap or sit up and have fun looking around.

A padded 5-point safety harness ensures the occupant’s safety and the ratcheting canopy blocks out the Sun.

Easy To Fold: Please note that the Bugaboo Buffalo is one of the very few strollers that can fold with the seat in both rear or front facing positions.

Many strollers cannot do this and it’s frustrating to have to configure the seat the right way before you can fold them up.

For example: Say your child has just begun riding in the toddler seat but as of now, he/she is more comfortable facing the parent. At the end of your stroll, you have to put the child in the car, adjust the seat so that it’s forward facing and then fold it up.

Then again when you’re ready for your next stroll, you have to unfold the stroller, change the seat to parent-facing...you get the drift. These small things seem trivial on paper but they have a huge impact on your mood and lifestyle.

The Bugaboo Buffalo takes things one step further. It can fold even with the bassinet attached. We know that only a handful of other strollers in the world can do this. Now many of you might be thinking, “Why would anyone want to fold the stroller with the bassinet attached to it?”

Simply because 99% of newborns have a dedicated baby cot to sleep at home. The bassinet is mostly used for travelling. If the stroller folds with the bassinet attached – it saves space and is super convenient as you don’t have to latch the bassinet onto the stroller frame every time you go out for a stroll.

When folded, the Buffalo can stand on it’s own.

Loads Of Storage Space: The Buffalo has a storage basket under the seat and a large, matching tote bag (with a zipper) that hangs from the handlebar without obstructing your legs.

The storage basket under the seat has high edges and does not sag.

Height Adjustable Handlebar: The handlebar has a nice vegan leather grip and adjusts to suit the height of the parent.


The Bugaboo Buffalo has a standard 2 year warranty. We recommend registering the stroller within 3 months of purchase as this entitles the buyer to one extra year of warranty without any additional charge.

  • Good value for money considering that the Bassinet is included
  • Usable from birth
  • Reversible Seats
  • Self-Standing Fold
  • Tires never go flat


  • No parent console (The tote bag sort of makes up for this but a cup holder is sorely missed. It’s available for purchase but at a separate accessory)

Final Verdict:

We Like the Bugaboo Buffalo. It’s hard to find it in stock so if it fulfills all your requirements, just go for it! We think that this is a smart stroller for smart buyers.


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