Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller Review

Bugaboo Donkey Twin Review

​The Bugaboo Donkey Twin is one of our favorite strollers.

It’s usable both as a single and a double stroller. It rides extremely smooth and is a delight to stroll around with. It’s super comfy for the kids as well as the parent.

If you have just one kid but another one is on the way, we’d say go for the Donkey Mono (which converts into a double if required); if you have one toddler and one infant, we’d recommend the Duo. In the rare event when a family is blessed by twins, the Donkey Twin is the one to go for.

The Donkey Twin is a four wheeled, side by side (tandem stroller). It’s not cheap but you do get a lot for the money. The Twin includes the stroller frame, 2 toddler seats, 2 baby bassinets (with 2 aprons), one side storage compartment, one storage basket and two rain covers.

It is the complete package and has everything that you’ll need to nurture your kids from birth up to the time that they no longer need a stroller.

The beauty of the Donkey twin lies within its resourceful design. It goes from being a mono (single stroller) to a Duo (double) in just three clicks.

​Bugaboo Donkey Twin Features:

  • Usable for 2 infants since day one: There are just a handful of strollers out there that can accommodate two infants in total safety and comfort, right from birth.

The Bugaboo Donkey can accept two bassinets in a rear facing arrangement. This facilitates parent-children bonding while allowing your babies to observe and learn about their environment.

The Bassinets have extremely good, high quality, soft padding and the SPF 50+ hoods do an excellent job of keeping the Sun and bright lights out.

  • High Quality Suspension: Thanks to a plush ride quality, the babies can nap peacefully, relatively unperturbed. The Donkey is free of squeaks and creaks. The suspension soaks up bumps and the stroller rolls seamlessly over irregularities.

The stroller feels very easy to push, even with two kids and their supplies onboard. It steers effortlessly and makes you want to use it more. It’s almost as if it has a personality and loves to be in action. We’re not exaggerating here – you have to try it to believe it.

  • Highly Durable, Multi-Terrain Wheels: The two wheels in the front are smaller than the rear wheels. The front wheels swivel for sublime maneuverability and can be locked when you’re going over straight roads.

Even though the Donkey Twin is not bulky, it isn’t exactly narrow either. Thankfully, it has a very short turning radius. Say goodbye to three-point turns at narrow supermarket aisles!

The wheels are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces. We reckon that the Donkey will mostly be going over smooth roads but if you’re going to the park or the beach, the stroller will not disappoint. It’s wheels can take on reasonable stretches of sand, snow, gravel, grass and dirt roads. It’s a hard-working mule, this one!

Most city strollers lack the suspension to tackle inhospitable terrain. Jogging strollers with large bicycle wheels do well in this department but they have pneumatic tires and so there’s always the chance of a puncture. The Donkey’s wheels are foam filled and so you’ll never have to worry about a flat tire ever again.

  • Travel System Ready: The Donkey can accept car seats of popular brands such as Maxi Cosi, Luna, Chicco etc with the right adapters. Take your kids out to explore the big, beautiful world! Do note that car seats and adapters are not part of the package. You’ll need to order these separately.
  • Reversible Seats: When the kids grow up, they can use the toddler seats which are approved for 37.5 lbs.

Note: The Donkey’s toddler seats can hold between 37.5 to 50 lbs (per seat) depending upon the model (year of manufacture). We strongly recommend the latest version since it’s approved for 50 lbs.

To say that the seats are very comfortable would be an understatement. They feel really nice to the touch. In most strollers, kids get irritable and sore after about 60 to 75 minutes. In the Bugaboo, they hold up well throughout the day. This is great for all day adventures to amusement parks, zoos, picnics etc.

The seats recline to multiple positions in both parent and forward facing positions. Kids can face you or face the world as per their wish. They can lie back and nap or sit up and soak in the surroundings. The large SPF 50+ canopies and the weather protectors will keep them shielded from the elements.

Even though it’s a tandem, the Donkey fits easily through a standard doorway. Side by side seating also means that there’s no arguments about who sits at the front.

  • Self Standing Fold: Engage the foot-activated brakes to park the Donkey Twin. Once parked, it can be folded neatly and compactly within seconds. Upon folding, the Donkey does not lie flat on the ground – it has what you’d call a self standing fold. This gives the parent time to tend to the kids.

The wheels can be removed to save even more space for storage.

  • Height Adjustable Handlebar: Bugaboo has not forgotten the parents, which is why they’ve given the Donkey a nice, ergonomic, height adjustable handlebar. Now mom, dad, uncle, granny, the babysitter can all set the handle height to their preference and won’t have to endure back aches.
  • Under the seat, there’s a storage basket capable of holding up to 22 lbs of supplies. There’s also a side storage bag that’s usable as a handbag.


  • The Bugaboo Donkey Twin has undergone 1500 checks to ensure that it’s perfectly safe for two children
  • The stroller makes use of recycled plastics and showcases the brand’s commitment to sustainability
  • Perfect twin stroller
  • Great from Birth to toddler
  • Available in a range of classy shades such as blue, grey, black, off-white, red
  • We cannot stop raving about the ride quality and maneuverability


  • Price
  • Accessories such as cup holders, parents trays are available but only as optional extras

Final Verdict:

The Bugaboo Donkey Twin has all the bells and whistles of a full-fledged twin stroller. It ‘s a highly capable tandem stroller that guarantees total peace of mind. The three year warranty really seals the deal, in our opinion.


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