October 25, 2020

Chicco Bravo LE Review
Chicco Bravo LE Review

The Chicco Bravo LE Stroller is really, really clever. It’s built and marketed in a way that just makes a lot of sense.

You see, when a child is born, they don’t really use the toddler seat for at least the first few months.

Even though some strollers have seats with full enclosure and can accommodate newborns, parents just prefer infant car seats as they’re safe and more versatile (suitable for car travel as well). To put it bluntly, the toddler seat just adds weight to the stroller and does absolutely nothing until the kid is old enough to ride in it.

This is one of the reasons why the Chicco Keyfit Caddy is so popular among parents, even though it’s not a stroller – it’s just a carrier for the infant car seat. However, the Bravo LE stroller takes things one step further.

The toddler seat and the canopy are removable (takes just a couple of minutes to do this). In the initial days, the stroller can serve just as a frame for the Keyfit infant car seat (or Fit2). With the toddler seat removed, the frame’s lighter.

Why lug the toddler seat around when you’re not going to use it? Store it instead so that it looks fresh and brand new when the baby is ready to ride in it!

The idea is so simple and yet, so effective. We haven’t even discussed the features of the Bravo LE but we already like it! If you’re pressed for time, just go ahead and buy it 🙂

​Chicco Bravo LE Stroller ​Features

Usable From Day 1: The stroller converts into a travel system. It accepts top rated infant car seats such as the Chicco KeyFit or the Fit 2 with a simple yet secure click-in attachment. There’s no need to meddle with third party seat adapters. The said car seats latch on and detach from the stroller in less than 5-6 seconds. This allows parents to transition seamlessly from car to stroller.

As is the case with most travel systems, the car seats are mounted onto the frame in a rear-facing position to stimulate parent-child bonding.

Multi-Position Stroller Seat: The toddler is seat is approved for babies who’re at least six months old and up to 50 pounds. It reclines to multiple position so that the little one can sleep or sit up and look around. The caregiver can adjust the seat with just one hand.

A 5-point harness with shoulder pads ensures that the kid stays safe. The overhead canopy is adjustable and removable. It features a peek-a-boo window to enable the caregiver to check in on the occupant at regular intervals.

Now all strollers have seats that recline to several positions. Canopies and harnesses are also pretty standard. What we didn’t expect was the reversible seat cushion with knit and mesh fabrics to keep the toddler happy in all seasons. We must acknowledge that it’s a nice touch!

Lightweight Aluminum Frame: At the heart of the Le Bravo is a light yet durable aluminum frame.

Alumium is less expensive compared to steel and this helps to keep the stroller within the affordable price range. It’s resistant to corrosion and durable, while also being 67% lighter than stainless steel. Good choice, Chicco!

The stroller weighs 23 pounds with the seat and the canopy and just 18 pounds without them. Even a small to medium framed female can lift it up without any trouble. 

Swivelling Front Wheels: The front wheels have a diameter of 7 inches. The stroller is agile and nimble owing to a swivel function. Parents will appreciate it when navigating the stroller through busy streets and supermarkets.

The rear wheels are slightly larger with a diameter of 9 inches. The stroller can be locked in place by engaging the linked toe-tap brakes at the rear.

The wheels are geared towards paved roads and smooth surfaces. They’re not suitable for dirt tracks but do reasonable well over bits of grass, sand and gravel. (They’re not bicycle tires so definitely not meant for off-roading or jogging)

All Wheel Suspension: Lightweight strollers usually miss out on this feature. Thankfully, this one doesn’t. The suspension soaks up bumps and provides a smooth ride. This is especially important as parents do not want to place their infants in strollers that squeak and rattle.

As you may have noticed, the wheels on the Bravo LE are slightly larger than average (for lightweight urban strollers). This, coupled with the plush ride quality make the stroller feel more premium than it really is.

One-Hand Fold: The stroller folds quickly and smoothly, with just one hand. It has what’s called a free-standing fold, which means that once folded, it doesn’t fall flat to the ground but instead stands up independently. The front wheels rotate inward to support the frame.

A self-standing fold has several benefits; one of them is that the fabrics don’t come into contact with the ground and hence, they don’t soil. 

There’s a handle under the seat that’s used to activate the fold. It also serves as the carry handle to lift up and transport the stroller.

Height-Adjustable Handlebar: The padded handlebar adjusts to 3 positions. People of all heights can use the stroller comfortably. It’s the additional features like this one that really make the Bravo LE a complete strolling solution that appeals to almost everybody.

Parent & Child Trays: Parents get a tray with zippered storage and 2 beverage holders. At the front there’s a child tray with dual cup holders.

Storage Basket: Located under the toddler seat is a spacious storage basket that’s accessible from both, the rear and the front. It remains easy to access even when the toddler seat is reclined to its most horizontal position.


  • Birth to 50 pounds
  • Lightweight frame and smart modular design. Removable toddler seat saves weight and looks new when ready for use.
  • All wheel suspension
  • Accepts car seat without external adapters
  • Folds with one hand and stands up independently. Doesn’t take up a huge amount of storage space
  • Handlebar adjusts to three positions
  • It’s a quality stroller at an affordable price
  • Bonus accessories like reversible seat cushion, parent trays


Honestly, it’s difficult to find fault with the Bravo LE. The only thing that it doesn’t have going for it is that it’s not an all-terrain or jogging stroller.

Final Verdict:

We really like the Chicco Bravo LE stroller and wholeheartedly recommend it.

This one gets the SnugBaby Stamp Of Approval.


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