October 25, 2020

chicco keyfit caddy review

chicco keyfit caddy reviewchicco keyfit caddy reviewchicco keyfit caddy review

The Chicco Keyfit caddy is a stroller frame that’s been designed exclusively for the Chicco Keyfit infant car seat. It can also accept Chicco Fit2 car seats.

Initially, we had our reservations regarding the Caddy. After all, it’s not a full size stroller (not even an umbrella stroller) nor is it a travel system. However, despite being just a frame, The Chicco Keyfit caddy is so popular, it just refused to be ignored!

We have to concede that after using the frame for just over an hour, it began to grow on us. As you know, a toddler stroller is pretty futile during the first few months after the baby is born. Infants do not have have the neck strength to ride in the toddler seat. They need the support of a bassinet or an infant car seat.

This is where the Caddy frame comes in. It’s crafted specifically for the Chicco Keyfit  infant car seat – the car seat and the frame are like a match made in heaven. The seat fits onto the frame perfectly and the Caddy comes loaded with other features.

The benefit of having this frame is that parents don’t have to lug the extra weight of a toddler seat. The frame weighs only 11 pounds – that’s less than half of most full size strollers (which weigh anywhere between 25 to 40 lbs).

So yes, we can understand why the Caddy is definitely appealing to families with newborns. Please note that parents willhave to switch to a toddler stroller later on – the Chicco Liteway is a popular, affordable model and it’s perfect for urban strolling.

​Chicco Keyfit ​Caddy Features:

Lightweight Aluminum Frame: The Keyfit caddy has a sturdy, anodized aluminum frame, which is the secret behind it being so light yet sturdy.

Aluminum is prized for being extremely resistant to corrosion. Hence, there’s next to no probability of rusting. Aluminum is less expensive compared to steel, this helps to keep the costs low.

While it is true that stainless steel is more durable than aluminum, the latter weighs only one third of the former! In effect, aluminum has an incredible strength to weight ratio. It’s what makes this frame so unique and sensible.

Clever Design: The frame has a nice, upright and ergonomic design. The Keyfit car seat latches and unlatches conveniently and quickly. When attached, the mechanism makes a reassuring ‘clicking’ sound to let the parent know that the seat has been locked in securely.

The car seat goes onto the frame in a rear facing position. This allows both the baby and the parent to feel safe as they can see each other at all times. The baby can learn about their surroundings while observing their beloved mom/dad.

Height Adjustable Handlebar: The padded handlebar can be adjusted to 4 positions. People of varying heights can push the stroller without experiencing awkward ergonomics or lower back pain.

What we love about this handlebar is that it’s fairly wide and makes the stroller easy to steer. Unlike dual handles (like the ones in the Chicco Liteway stroller), there is a thicker, single bar – this gives the caregiver more control. Usually, this is not a big deal but since the Caddy is ultra-light, an upright stance and a confidence-inspiring handlebar make it all the more stable and desirable.

All wheel Suspension: The KeyFit  stroller frame has 6 wheels. There are two wheels at the rear and four wheels at the front. Each front axle features dual wheels. All wheels have a diameter of 6.25 inches – this is neither too much nor too little. It’s near perfect for urban strolls. (We hope that you are not going off-road with an infant)

The all wheel suspension makes light work of small bumps, ensuring that the baby doesn’t get jerked or startled. We really liked how smooth the caddy rides. While it’s not built for off-roading, frame can easily go over grassy patches. It can also go over small stretches of gravel and sand (read sand pit rather than beach).

Swivel-Locking Front Wheels: The front wheels can be locked for straight strolling. They have an optional swivel mechanism for navigating tight turns and narrow aisles.

The toe-tap brakes hold the stroller securely while the parent attaches/removes the car seat or attends to other stuff.

Large Storage Basket: The oversized storage basket is big enough for diaper bags and other toys. We feel that it can easily hold up to 15-18 pounds. The edges are high to prevent sagging. It has a squarish shape to maximise area and is accessible front both the front and rear. Since there’s no toddler seat, the storage basket is roomier than average.

Parent Tray: The frame comes equipped with a parent tray and two cup holders. Even highly expensive strollers often miss out on this basic feature. The covered storage compartment is quite useful to keep your car keys, cellphone, treats etc. The beverage holders add a touch of luxury to an otherwise basic and functional frame.

One Hand Fold: If you’re a parent or have cared for babies, you’re very much aware that they can be quite a handful. Often, we hear parents wishing for more than two hands! Well, the Keyfit  frame cannot grant parents with an extra pair of arms but it can be folded with just one hand.

When folded, it demands no immediate attention. It just stands independently (self-standing fold) and patiently until the parent has taken care of the baby.

Needless to say, the Caddy has a very compact fold and requires very little storage space.


  • Equally useful when moving around on foot or traveling in a car
  • Very light
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Usable from birth
  • Affordable
  • Loads of storage room
  • One hand, self-standing fold


  • Many parents prefer a stroller/travel system that can last for 4 years without needing an upgrade. The Chicco Keyfit caddy stroller frame does not convert into a toddler stroller.
  • Sooner or later, parents will definitely have to upgrade to a travel system (The Bugaboo Fox is a highly durable stroller. It comes with a bassinet and is also convertible to a travel system. There’s also the Viaro Travel System if you’re looking for a Chicco product)

Chicco Keyfit Caddy Review & Final Verdict:

As an infant seat carrier, the Chicco Keyfit caddy Stroller frame is unbeatable! Recommended and loved by us and thousands of other happy families.

SNUGBABY SCORE: ​98/100 (Yes, it’s almost perfect!)

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