Chicco Liteway Stroller Review

Chicco Liteway Stroller Review

The Chicco Liteway Stroller is a no-nonsense urban & city stroller.

It’s convenient for parents and comfortable for the child. This Chicco is lightweight (it’s called the Liteway after all), looks cute (for moms) and cool (for dads) and really goes above and beyond in terms of features.

​Jeff’s Note: Honestly, it looks pretty badass too, it’s one of my favorite lightweight strollers for not only it’s looks, but epic features!

What impressed us most about this stroller is the sheer amount of value that it delivers! It competes with strollers that cost several times more. Sure, it has its limitations. For example: If you want a performance oriented chassis for all-terrain strolling, then this might not be the one for you.

However, if you’re in the market for an umbrella/lightweight stroller that’s well built, agile and trusted by thousands of parents, the Liteway makes a very strong case for itself.

We appreciate strollers such as Bugaboo Donkey as they are incredibly clever and the build quality is second to none. They make use of recycled materials and have multi-terrain strolling capability.

Sometimes though, parents just want an open it, use it and shut it strolling solution for the city.

The worst thing about most lightweight strollers is the rickety ride quality. A suspension setup is non-existent and they aren’t good for anything else but a stroll to the local ice cream store. The Liteway has surprisingly soft suspension and offers a smooth and comfy ride.

Chicco Liteway Stroller Features:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame: The stroller weighs only 18.8 lbs and can accommodate a toddler weighing up to 40 pounds.

The Aluminum frame lends strength without adding extra weight. It’s the heart of this stroller. A conventional steel frame would have made the stroller heavy and impractical.

  • Comfortable Seat: Lightweight strollers are not really built for comfort. They just get the job done. Hence, we were a quite impressed to learn that the seat on the Liteway is well padded and reclines to not just three, but four positions!

Your toddler can enjoy a nap while you go about your business of shopping or running errands.

What’s even more unanticipated is the fact that the Liteway has an adjustable footrest! This feature is unheard of in several popular, full-size, expensive strollers. Only a handful of other models have it.

As kids grow taller, their legs tend to hang out over the edge of the seat. This makes them uncomfortable and grumpy. An adjustable footrest lends extra support – kids enjoy their ride and look forward to going out. They’re happy, which means that you are happy!

  • 5-Point Safety Harness: The Liteway is equipped with a 5-point harness for safety. It features shoulder pads to minimize friction. There’s no chafing and the kids love it. It feels secure rather than restrictive.
  • Rear Wheel Suspension: The Liteway has a total of six wheels. There are two wheels at the front and 4 wheels at the back on two axles. It looks like a run-off-the-mill 4 wheeler from afar but the dual wheels at the back really make a huge difference in terms of stability and ride quality.

The rear wheel suspension lends the stroller a pliant ride – a cobblestone street won’t render the stroller unusable. Also, even though the Liteway is meant for flat roads, that doesn’t mean that it will go belly up upon encountering a bit of grass.

Gravel and sand are also doable as long as it’s not extensively long stretches. The two extra wheels provide extra traction and this really helps the stroller to tackle uneven surfaces.

However, if you take frequent walks over dirt tracks, you should avoid the Liteway and go for a three-wheeled jogging stroller with independent suspension and bicycle tires.

  • Front-Swivel Wheels: The front wheels are equipped with an optional swivel locking mechanism. The stroller can turn on a dime and this is useful when navigating crowded city centers and busy malls.

When locked, the stroller remains stable and goes in a straight line. This is great for walks over straight roads.

  • Removable Canopy: The overhead canopy is removable and adjustable. It does a fairly decent job of blocking the Sun on hot summer days. We’d have liked it even more if it could fall even more forward. On late afternoons, the Sun’s rays come in almost horizontally and a bit more coverage would have kept them out as well.

There’s a peek-a-boo window to allow parents to check in on their toddler from time to time.

  • Foot Operated Breaks: The toe-tap breaks at the rear lock the stroller in place. These need to be engaged when the toddler climbs in and out of the stroller to prevent it from rolling.
  • Compact Fold With Automatic Latch: The Liteway has a 3D style fold. It folds easily and compactly.

The stroller locks automatically when folded. This prevents it from opening up on its own. The Liteway fits in the boots of city cars, including hatchbacks.

  • Easy To Maintain: The fabrics are removable and hand-washable. The frame and other bits can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Assembly is easy and does not require any special tools.
  • Storage Basket: The storage basket under the stroller seat can hold supplies and a grocery bag or two. It is accessible only from the rear.
  • Cup Holder: This accessory is an optional extra on some models with 4 digit price tags. So it’s nice to have it on the Liteway. A refreshing beverage after a long walk alleviates tiredness and makes life just a little bit better


  • Travel Friendly – very light and stores compactly
  • Rear wheel suspension enhances ride quality
  • 6 wheels for added stability
  • Affordable
  • Very comfortable – adjustable seat and footrest
  • Easy to fold and maneuver


  • Does not accept an infant car seat. This makes it unusable from birth. The Liteway is great for toddlers but strictly not meant for infants.
  • The handle is not height adjustable. It’s fairly high at 41 inches but some people may not like the ergonomics.

Chicco Liteway Stroller Review & Final Verdict:

The Chicco Liteway stroller is great for city runs. It is comfortable, smooth and affordable. The only drawback of this stroller is that it doesn’t convert into a travel system.

As the stroller does not accept car seats, you cannot place an infant in it.

People usually buy a stroller before or immediately after the child is born. Ideally, that stroller should be compatible with a bassinet (or infant car seat) so that it can accommodate the infant safely. Since the Chicco doesn’t do that, it’s unsuitable as your first stroller. (We recommend the Bugaboo Fox for infants and toddlers)

Hence, the Chicco comes into the picture only if your first stroller is broken or you wish to get an additional lightweight stroller, in which case it fits the bill perfectly.

We highly recommend the Chicco Liteway stroller, people who’re using it like it very much and so do we.

Snugbaby Score: 90/100

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