Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System Review

Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System Review

The Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System stroller bridges the gap between lightweight umbrella strollers and full-fledged travel systems.

People love umbrella strollers because they’re light, low maintenance and inexpensive. It’s better to find a harder alternative for just a stroll down to the local store or the kid’s playground.

The problem with most lightweight strollers is that they are bit too...bare bones! They have a rickety ride, a seat that’s not comfortable enough for all day get the hint. Another big problem with certain umbrella strollers is that they don’t convert into a travel system.

The Bravo Mini Plus is in a league of its own. It’s a lightweight stroller that does accept infant car seats and also has a bucketful of other tricks up its sleeve.

The Chicco Mini Bravo Plus travel system includes the eponymous stroller, the KeyFit 30 infant car and the base.

​TheChicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System Features:

Usable From Day 1: The stroller weighs just a little under 20 pounds and is approved for toddlers with a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Some luxury strollers can only accommodate kids up to 37.5 pounds. The carrying capacity of this model is substantially more and there’s no need for an upgrade down the line (unless the family has plans for expansion)

The car seat weighs 17 pounds with the base and only 10 pounds without it. It’s suitable for newborns weighing as little as 4 pounds all the way up to 30 pounds. It comes with a removable newborn positioner for extra head and body support.

The KeyFit 30 fits onto the stroller via a secure click-in attachment. There’s no need for external adapters. Just click and go – it’s as simple as that. The entire process probably takes less than 5 seconds.

The travel system is parent-facing with the infant car seat mounted onto the stroller. It’s front facing with a kid in the toddler seat.

Highly Maneuverable: The Bravo Mini Plus has a conventional 4 wheel design. The front wheels have a diameter of 6.25 inches, while the rear, 8 inches. Parents will find the stroller very easy to maneuver thanks to the swivelling front wheels.

The hallmark of this stroller is that it’s nimble and agile – it’s perfectly at home in busy supermarkets and crowded streets.

The stroller locks in place by activating the toe-tap brakes at the rear.

It’s important to note that the Bravo is an urban stroller. It’s meant to be used on smooth surfaces. It doesn’t like to be tested on inhospitable terrain. Sure, it will definitely not go belly up at the sight of grass or gravel but parents should really not use it for jogging on dirt tracks. (The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is a good candidate for a jogging stroller)

All Wheel Suspension: This is where several lightweight strollers simply cannot compete with their more advanced (read expensive) counterparts. They lack a proper suspension and hence, parents are wary about using them for newborns.

Infants don’t have enough neck strength to support their head and hence, they shouldn’t experience sudden jolts and jerks. It’s a good thing then, that the Bravo Mini Plus has all wheel suspension. It mitigates the effect of bumps and ensures a smooth and pliant ride. Your kid will love riding in this Chicco!

Frankly, we weren’t expecting this stroller to have such a nice suspension. It really adds to the value proposition.

Multi-Position Seating: The stroller seat is comfortable, with a 5-point safety harness and shoulder pads. The seat reclines to several positions and can be adjusted using just one hand. It enables kids to rest after a tiring day or to sit upright and learn more about the world around them. 

The overhead canopy keeps the occupant shielded from the elements. It has an optional mesh panel that enhances air flow and is an absolute life saver on hot days.

The only concern we had was that Chicco doen’t provide a rain cover with this travel system nor does it manufacture one for the Bravo Plus. Guess parents will just have to pick a generic model for a few extra bucks.

One-hand Activated Fold: The Stroller can be folded using a one-hand activated mechanism. There’s a handle under the seat – when it’s pulled up, the stroller folds quickly and smoothly. The wheels swivel inward into the right position and support the weight of the frame. This means that the caregiver doesn’t need to keep holding onto the stroller after it’s folded – it just stands in place on its own. This gives the parent time to take care of the baby and load all the supplies into the car.

Lightweight stroller rarely feature a free-standing fold. Usually, they just fall flat to the ground and cause the fabrics to become soiled.

The same handle that’s used to activate the fold also serves as the carry handle for the stroller. At 19.6 pounds, it’s indeed light enough to be lifted up with just one hand and being compact, it stores nicely in the boots of most city cars.

Parent & Child Tray: The child tray acts as a support for the infant car seat. Parents also get a console with a zip pouch and beverage holders. There’s a good amount of space in the storage basket located under the seat.

Top Rated Car Seat: The Chicco KeyFit 30 has been in production for more than 10 years. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s America’s favorite infant car seat. The seat goes on and off the base via a click-in attachment.

The KeyFit comes loaded with features such as ReclineSure, a spring loaded levelling mechanism for correct installation. Then there’s RideRight, which entails two bubble indicators on either side to verify the angle.

One-Pull Harness: The car seat’s harness can be adjusted by pulling on just a single strap.

SuperCinch: A force multiplying mechanism that ensures a tight and secure installation without the need to exert too much power.


  • Usable from birth to 50 pounds
  • All Wheel Suspension
  • One-hand, self-standing fold
  • No external adapters required
  • Nimble and lightweight


  • Handlebar is not height adjustable. This might be a problem for people who are below or above average height
  • Not usable for jogging

The Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System Review & Final Verdict:

The Chicco Mini Bravo Plus travel system really managed to impress us with its long list of features. It’s priced competitively and thanks to the all wheel suspension, the ride quality borders on luxurious. We recommend it for use on well paved roads.

BRAVO, Chicco! 😎


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