October 25, 2020

Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller Review

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller.

People just adore things that are easy to use and efficient. Take the example of cars – nearly everybody is driving an automatic. Yes, there is a certain charm about working a mechanical transmission but people have places to get to without stressing out too much. Most folks cannot be concerned about ‘driver involvement’ on a maddening Monday morning when they have to make breakfast, feed the kids, prepare for a meeting and get a million other things done.

Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller Review

In a fast world, convenience is a top priority. This holds true for clothes, footwear, electronic devices and nearly everything else in the world...including strollers. When parents buy a stroller, they obsess over its features and after painstaking research, zero in on the one that best suits their lifestyle, even if it means shelling out a small fortune of money.

After a while (depending upon what they chose), they realize that even though that stroller is comfortable, elegant etc, it’s a bit heavy and complicated. As they’ve paid so much for it, they worry about the fabrics getting soiled. Even if the stroller develops a small niggle, they freak out a little bit and frantically try to get in touch with customer service. You get the idea...

It’s no surprise then that many parents buy a secondary stroller for traveling and short trips to the local supermarket, ice cream parlor and so on. Usually, it’s a lightweight umbrella stroller – it doesn’t have too many bells and whistles but it’s cheap and users don’t have to think too much about it.

Such a stroller gets the job done and even if it breaks, it’s not much of an issue as it’s easily replaceable. However, what if a stroller had the lightness and convenience of an umbrella stroller while still retaining the comfort, build quality and safety of a full size model? It’d be a great deal, wouldn’t it? Well, that sort of describes the Kolcraft Cloud Sport.

It’s called the Cloud, so there are no extra points for guessing that it’s very light. Actually, at a mere 11.8 pounds, it’s approximately 50% lighter than the average single stroller. Unlike some umbrella strollers that have creaky wheels and a rickety ride, the Cloud sport is stable and smooth – a bit like riding a…cloud! It’s a wonder how Kolcraft was able to put-together such a capable stroller while still keeping it almost feather light. It weighs less than the Chicco KeyFit 30 Caddy and that’s not even a stroller, it’s just an infant seat carrier!

The Kolcraft Cloud Sport is great for people who travel often (especially air travel). It can easily be checked in at the gate and since it weighs only about as much as a tote bag, it’ll probably not exceed the total weight limit and there’ll be no need to pay extra.

The stroller has compact dimensions; it requires very little storage space. We know some parents with double strollers so wide that while they do go through the main door of their home, they just don’t pass through the other slightly narrow doorways. This means that the stroller is never at hand when required. It’s folded up and stowed away in the basement as it takes up way too much space in the other rooms. Parents need to heave it up to the main floor and spend precious time setting it up before they can finally take it out.

There’s no need for such histrionics with the Cloud though. It’s so slim that it will probably fit somewhere near the shoe-rack and hence, it remains very accessible at all times and is always ready for an adventure.

Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller Features:

Multi-position Seating: The stroller seat reclines to several positions. It doesn’t fall to a fully horizontal position but the angle is comfortable enough for the kid to rest if he/she is tired. There are pockets on both the inner sides of the seat for things like the child’s favorite toy, treats, snacks etc. The seat is approved for kids weighing up to 40 pounds and with a maximum height of 40 inches.

A five-point harness ensures that the occupant remains safely strapped in place. It has large, padded shoulder sleeves for extra cushioning. A large, 3-fold, overhead canopy with visor provides protection from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. It also keeps the wind and dust out and gives the occupant a bit of privacy. At the back, there’s a peek-a-boo window to allow mom/dad to check on their little one from time to time.

6 All-Terrain Wheels: The Cloud Sport has two wheels at the rear and 4 at the front (both the axles at the front have two wheels attached to them). We reckon that the extra wheels are for better traction and enhanced stability.

Kolcraft claims that the wheels are all-terrain. Well, we suggest that you process this information with a pinch of salt. Yes, the stroller can over short grass, a sand pit and even a bit of gravel. It will also navigate the odd cobblestone street if you’re visiting the historic part of town. However, it’d be disingenuous to expect this stroller to withstand heavy use on inhospitable terrain. It’s not meant to take on forest trails and hilly dirt tracks. If you’re into those kinds of activities, we suggest you take a look at the Summit X3 jogging stroller.

Front Wheel Suspension: For the stroller to stand true to its name (Cloud), just being light wasn’t going to be good enough. It also needed to have a smooth, almost dreamy ride. Hence, Kolcraft has equipped it with front suspension. To be frank, we didn’t think that it was possible to include any kind of suspension in something that weighs 11.8 pounds. So this really is a big bonus! The independent springs really do soak up the bumps and prevent the stroller from being jerked about.

With features like this, the Cloud can send many a full size stroller packing. The seat has a width of more than 12 inches and thanks to the remarkable ride quality; it’s really a good place for kids to be in.

One-Hand Fold: The stroller folds quickly and compactly with just one hand. Even somebody with a petite frame can lift the stroller without having to use both hands. When folded, the stroller can be easily accommodated in the boot of even small city cars. This is yet another reason why the Cloud is so appealing to urban dwellers.

The Cloud is not just compact, it redefines compactness. Now, having reviewed hundreds of strollers, we know that manufacturers use the term ‘compact fold’ very very loosely. Many strollers (especially doubles and bulky singles) are pretty hard to get into the boots of hatchbacks without releasing the wheels, especially when traveling with other baggage as well. The only practical way to transport such models is in an SUV, crossover or sedan. It fits in the back of very small cars, even as tiny as the Chevrolet Spark.

Another interesting thing about the Cloud sport is that it can stand independently when folded. This has a couple of cool benefits. A self-standing fold enables parents to cater to the kid, transfer luggage into the car etc. It gives them some much needed breathing space. The stroller awaits its turn patiently instead of demanding immediate attention. Also, as the fabrics do not touch the ground, they are not soiled easily and need to be cleaned less frequently.

Over-sized Storage Compartment: It’s located underneath the seat and is really roomy. The edges are almost abnormally high – they extend all the way up to the base of the stroller seat. This prevents the contents from falling out if the stroller goes over a big bump or is rolling over a steep incline.

Parent and Child Trays: Kids get a tray with two beverage holders. This encourages them to eat independently without spilling everything all over their clothes and the seat. The parent tray has a storage compartment and also features two cup holders.


  • 6 All-Terrain Wheels
  • Front wheel suspension for a smooth ride
  • One hand fold. Stands independently when folded.
  • 11.8 pounds! That seems ridiculously low but it works.
  • Linked parking brake


  • The stroller does not accept infant car seats. If it had travel system compatibility, it’d would have given other more expensive, heavier strollers a real scare. However, just because of this limitation, the Cloud sport is not usable from birth. It’s only suitable for kids who have sufficient neck strength and can sit up unassisted.
  • The handlebar is not height adjustable. At 34 inches, it’s okay for people of a medium height but taller folks will definitely not like the ergonomics. They may experience back pain due to leaning forward for extended periods of time.
  • The Cloud Sport is not meant for jogging or off-roading. (The Baby Trend Expedition is a good jogging stroller with large bicycle tires)

Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller Review & Final Verdict:

The Kolcraft Could Sport Lightweight Stroller really punches above its weight with features like front suspension, one-hand standing fold, multi-terrain wheels and so on.

We would like to recommend it to families that have one toddler and like to travel light!

​(Also, see the kolcraft cloud plus lightweight stroller)


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