Maclaren Techno XT Review (Why We Love It So Much!)

Maclaren Techno XT Review

The Basics

The Maclaren Techno XT is the quintessential lightweight stroller. The brand was founded 50 years ago by a man called Owen Maclaren, who was a pilot and an aeronautical designer. Owen’s aviation background really shines through in all of the brand’s products – they feature clever use of materials and space. The result is strollers that are very practical, stylish, efficient, affordable, durable and light in weight. The Techno XT is an award winning design with rave reviews. Rarely do we come across umbrella strollers that are so ‘complete’.

The Techno XT by Maclaren is not just a stroller, it’s actually a parent’s dream! It’s comfortable for the child but not at the cost of convenience. Ironically, many strollers that are loaded with lots of features are not easy to live with – they’re heavy and bulky. This may even require the family to upgrade to a bigger vehicle just so that the stroller and all other supplies fit into the boot (no wonder minivans are so popular among people with kids).

While the average full-size single stroller weighs between 25 to 30 pounds, the XT is approximately half of that at only 13.5 pounds. It’s not as if the Techno is not ‘full-size’; the seat is actually approved for a child weighing up to 55 pounds. That’s actually 5 to 15 pounds more than the standard seat carrying capacity of single strollers.

What we love most about this stroller though, is that it is usable from day 1. It has a newborn safety system which can be deployed in minutes to accommodate infants. The seat reclines to a near horizontal position and other flaps adjust to form a closed, cocooning enclosure. The stroller comes with a head-hugger and shoulder pads as standard, for additional comfort.

The major bane of lightweight strollers is that they’re not able to accommodate newborns. Hence, they can never be a family’s primary, go to stroller. Parents usually buy feature-loaded buggies and later realize that they’re just too big and complicated for neighborhood strolls. That’s when they opt for a secondary, more utilitarian umbrella stroller as it’s much lighter, easy to steer and affordable. It has a horrible ride but hey, it’s okay for urban settings – most roads in residential areas are pretty smooth anyway.

The umbrella stroller makes life easier – it’s an open-stroll-shut solution and doesn’t cause any fuss whatsoever. Even if it breaks down, parents don’t worry too much as it didn’t cost much in the first place. Parents love the lightness and manoeuvrability but alas, it’s not suitable for infants and so it’s never the first stroller of choice for a family.

Things are a little different with the Techno XT – it’s as light as an umbrella stroller and more comfortable than a standard single stroller! It offers the best of both worlds. Parents can purchase it at birth and they never need to upgrade to anything else, ever. The XT is really well built and we feel that it can last for a very long time as long as it’s cared for. Maclaren is one of the very few brands in the world that offer a Sovereign Lifetime Warranty on their stroller.

The Techno does have one chink in it’s armor – it’s not compatible with infant car seats. It does accommodate infants but not in an infant car seat. The stroller seat itself converts into a carry-cot (newborn safety system).

Let’s learn more about the Techno XT...

Maclaren Techno XT Features:

Multi-Position Seating: The Stroller seat is very comfy thanks to the use of premium fabrics and generous padding. While most lightweight stroller seats adjust to just 2 or 3 positions, the one on the XT has 4-position recline. This allows the kid to sleep soundly, just recline back for relaxing or to sit up and gaze around with enthusiasm. The backrest can be adjusted with just one hand for on-the-go convenience.

The seat is usable from birth and can carry a kid weighing up to 55 pounds (25 kg). Maclaren has been thoughtful enough to include a head-hugger for newborns.

Remember we said that the XT is actually more comfortable than a full-fledged single stroller? That’s because it has an adjustable footrest with memory position.

Unfortunately, footrests are non-existent in many strollers. This is not a major concern for infants but parents fail to notice that as babies grow taller, their legs hang over the edge of the stroller seat. There’s next to no under-thigh support. This is okay for very short strolls but on longer outings, things get very uncomfortable for the occupant (try sitting with your legs dangling over the bed, chair, gets excruciating after a while). Which is why your little one will really appreciate the footrest of the XT. It remembers its position even after the stroller is folded so parents don’t need to adjust it every time.

The child is strapped safely into the seat via the 5-point harness. The package also includes a tether.

UPF 50+ Canopy: provides more than adequate Sun protection and comes with a built-in visor. The multi-fold hood is water resistant, it shields the occupant from the elements and also provides a bit of seclusion in a noisy environment. A peek-a-boo window enables the caregiver to keep a close eye on the baby.

The stroller comes with a wind resistant rain cover. It’s really good to have this useful accessory straight out of the box. It can be kept in the storage basket if the sky looks like it’s going to shower.

6 Wheels: The Techno XT has a four wheel design but it has dual wheels at the rear axles. That puts the total wheel count at six. The front wheels swivel for enhanced maneuverability while the rear ones provide extra stability and traction. The stroller parks in place by engaging the foot tap rear brakes.

One advantage of the Techno’s wheels is that they never go flat as they don’t have pneumatic tires. They can easily handle most urban conditions and can even roll over short grass without batting an eyelid. However, tall grass and off-roading should be avoided. (If you’re looking for a jogging stroller that can be taken almost anywhere, check out the Summit X3 by Baby Jogger or the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight)

All Wheel Suspension: Quite unusual for lightweight and umbrella strollers but since this is the Maclaren’s flagship, it gets advanced suspension for a plush ride. The stroller rolls over small bumps without shuddering – the ride is reassuringly stable, smooth and confidence inspiring.

It takes some really clever engineering to make a stroller that weighs only 13.5 pounds AND has a high seat but yet it stays firmly planted at all times and never ever feels like it’s going to tip over.

Sporty J Handles: We usually prefer a single handlebar but these J handles began to grow over us after a while. The best thing about them is that they are height adjustable. Hence, even tall adults (6 feet plus) can push the stroller without having to lean forward. Goodbye lower back pain!

Some strollers can be pushed with just one hand but this one requires the parent to use both.

Quick Fold: The stroller can be folded in a jiffy using just one hand. It locks automatically when folded to prevent it from opening up accidentally. Since the stroller is light, anyone can lift it up easily. There’s a carry strap to make things even more convenient.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and flat fold, the Techno XT can be stored easily in small spaces such as the boot of a city car.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame: Many strollers have a steel frame. Now, Steel is three times as heavy as heavy as aluminum. That’s exactly why a stroller with dimensions similar to that of this Maclaren may be much heavier. They may look the same size but there’s a formidable difference in weight!

Aluminum has a phenomenal strength to weight ratio and it’s resistant to corrosion. After all, there’s a reason it’s used to build aeroplanes.

Global Safety Standard: Maclaren is a British brand and it’s products are sold in several countries.  They undergo stringent quality checks and comply with international safety requirements.

Storage Basket: A roomy storage basket with rear access is located beneath the stroller seat. It has high edges to prevent sagging. There’s also an additonal storage compartment behind the seat – it’s quite useful for keeping cellphones, keys etc.


  • Weighs only 13.5 pounds. Max seat carrying capacity 55 pounds
  • Usable from birth thanks to the Newborn Safety System
  • Height adjustable handlebars
  • Lightweight, compact, durable and good-looking
  • Footrest – very uncommon in strollers and yet, so comfortable
  • All wheel suspension, wheels never go flat
  • Adheres to international safety standards
  • Folds quickly, compactly and with one hand
  • Replaceable parts – if a certain part undergoes too much wear and tear, it can be replaced at home. Wheels, seat, handles, canopy are all replaceable. Hence, the stroller can be used for longer
  • Sovereign Lifetime Warranty


  • Does not accept an infant car seat. Maclaren should seriously consider manufacturing a universal adapter for this stroller. It will become even more appealing and popular
  • We would have loved a cup holder or two. (This accessory is an optional extra)
  • The stroller is not suitable for jogging

Maclaren Techno XT Review & Final Verdict:

The Maclaren Techno XT is a great choice for parents who want a lightweight stroller that’s durable as well as comfortable. It would have been even better had it been compatible with infant car seats. However, the newborn safety system ensures that the stroller is usable from birth. We highly recommend this stroller if you don’t drive around much.

SNUGBABY SCORE: 96/100 (Yep, almost perfect!) 😲

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