October 25, 2020

Maclaren twin Triumph Review
Maclaren twin Triumph  Review

Maclaren has a knack for designing some of the most convenient, well-built urban strollers in the world and the Twin Triumph is no exception. It’s a double stroller with side by side seating. This type of seating configuration is most suitable for twins or kids with a very small difference in age, about 1 to 1.5 years.

If one of the kids is old enough to stand, we usually recommend a Sit and Stand stroller with the seats aligned one behind the other. This gives the elder sibling a bit more flexibility – they can sit on the rear seat or choose to stand on the gliding board, which is a lot of fun!. (The Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight is a great lightweight double stroller for accommodating one infant and one toddler.)

However, when we’re talking about twins or kids of a more or less similar age, there’s bound be stiff competition over who gets to ride in the front seat. Hence, side by side seating is the way to go – it keeps both the kids equally happy and nobody has to compromise. They both get a good view but as is the case with most good views, this one too comes at a cost. You see, side by side seating can make the stroller too wide to pass through some doorways!

Thankfully, Owen Maclaren, the founder of the brand, had a background in aviation. He was a test pilot and designer; he put all of his expertise into crafting baby buggies that were light and easy to maneuver. For the past 5 decades, all Maclarens have been built upon his design philosophy.

Maclaren claims that the Triumph Twin is the narrowest twin stroller on the market and that it’ll pass through any standard doorway. Initially, we weren’t really sure if having the narrowest stroller was a good thing. It’s a bit like owning the smallest car – yes, it’s very easy to drive, cheap to maintain, doesn’t require too much parking space etc. but at the end of the day, it still has to be comfortable.

Well, Maclaren has triumphed on that front as well. The padded seats are adjustable to several positions; they’re approved for kids weighing up to 55 pounds each. We feel that they can easily accommodate 4-5 year old toddlers. Judging by the build quality, we feel that the stroller can easily last for several years if it’s well cared for.

Umbrella strollers are not exactly known for being reliable. They creak and rattle after only weeks of usage. We’ve heard plenty of stories wherein the tiny wheels get jammed causing the stroller to tip over. The ride quality is substandard, the ergonomics are poor and there are next to no features – it’s just a seat hanging over a frame bolted to some wheels. For these reasons and more, parents usually avoid umbrella strollers for everything else other than neighborhood walks. However, we already know that some umbrella strollers, such as the Maclaren Quest are incredible little marvels of design and engineering – they’ve rewritten the book in terms of what a lightweight stroller is capable of. So does the Twin Triumph have what it takes to be a family’s primary stroller of choice? Let’s find out...

​Maclaren Twin Triumph Features:

Multi-Position Seating: Both the seats recline to multiple positions and more importantly, they do so independently! One kid and lie back and take a nap while the other sits up straight and looks around enthusiastically. (Can you imagine the amount of din the kids would raise if the seats didn’t have independent recline?)

Both the seats are suitable for kids aged at least 6 months and up to 55 pounds , which puts the cumulative capacity at 110 pounds. That’s totally incredible for a stroller weighing only 21.2 pounds.

The padded seats are removable and washable. This helps to keep the fabrics looking new for longer. Each seat also has a built-in leg support cushion for additional toddler comfort. Inadequate leg support is a major concern in not just umbrella strollers, but full size models as well. It’s really great to that extra bit of cushioning – kids will want to stay in the stroller for longer. (This can be a lifesaver while running errands.)

            Both seats are equipped with 5-point safety harness with smart aviator buckles.

Sun Canopies: Each stroller seat gets an independently reclining multi-fold canopy with Sun visor. They keep the elements out and offer UPF 50+  protection. The fabrics are water resistant which means that they’ll not get soaking wet if it rains.

Rain Cover: Just like all Maclaren strollers, the Triumph Twin also comes with a wind resistant rain cover. Maclaren has British roots; you may know that it rains quite often in the UK and the weather is unpredictable. Perhaps this motivated the manufacturer to include the rain cover as a standard accessory, which is great as it’s tricky to find a decent after-market cover for twin strollers.

12 Wheels: We’ve seen twin strollers with three wheels (Baby Trend Expedition Double – bicycle tires) and they work just fine. However, the bigger wheels take up a lot of storage space. On the other hand, smaller wheels provide very little traction, especially if the frame is feather light. Maclaren has solved this problem by giving the Triumph Twin a whopping 12 EVA wheels!

 This ensures that the stroller has plenty of grip over almost any kind of urban surface. We reckon it’ll even do alright on sand if you decide to go to the beach. And if it does get stuck, you’ll be able to lift it up easily as it’s lighter than the majority of single strollers.

            This is not a jogging stroller nor is it designed to be taken off the road but it’s very capable           of handling the odd cobblestone path, grass and gravel patches in driveways.

All Wheel Suspension: It’s features like this that allow the Triumph Twin to compete with full size strollers that cost significantly more. The all wheel suspension ensures a superb ride and just gobbles up bumps – it keeps the stroller very stable and prevents the occupant from being jerked about.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame: makes the stroller highly practical and durable.  Aluminum is 67% light than steel which means that it has a very good strength to weight ratio. The lower weight is ideal for people who fly often. Often, heavy strollers require parents to cough up huge sums of money to have them checked in. After a couple of flights it makes more sense to buy a new stroller at the destination than to fly with the existing one. This Maclaren weighs about 40 to 50% less than the average double stroller. It could save a good bit of cash in the long run.

Storage Basket: We know that all strollers have them but this one has two separate compartments under each seat. They can be helpful in organizing supplies in a more methodical way so that parents don’t have to rummage through the entire basket just to find one toy.

Safety: Since Maclaren is an international brand, it complies with the highest Global Safety Standards.


  • Independent Seating and Sun Canopies
  • 6 months to 55 pounds
  • 12 EVA wheels. No fear of a puncture, ever
  • Aluminum chassis. A double stroller that weighs just under 22 pounds!
  • Goes through a standard doorway
  • Maclaren’s Sovereign Lifetime Warranty grants total peace of mind
  • The parts are self-serviceable and replaceable. Wheels, seats, handles can be purchased separately if required.
  • The stroller requires minimal maintenance.
  • Comes already assembles. No need to peruse the manual and spend hours on assembly. No special tools required
  • Folds quickly with one hand and locks automatically. Very easy to lift and transport thanks to the carry handle. Fits in the back of most family cars.


  • The J handles are sporty but they’re a bit far apart since this is a double. We’d have preferred a single, height-adjustable handlebar.
  • The stroller does not accept infant car seats. This is a problem as it means that it’s not suitable for infants/newborns. Thus, even though it’s a very capable double stroller, it does not serve the purpose of a primary travel system. If you want a stroller that’ll give you ample mileage, comfort and can accommodate two infants; we suggest checking out the Bugaboo Donkey Twin. It’s expensive but it’s built to last and you won’t have to upgrade every six months.
  • Misses out on cup holders, a parent tray, child trays. Many parents like to take a drink along for strolls - at least a single cup holder would have been highly appreciated
  • The aviator buckles are cute but some users complain that they’re a bit fiddly

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review & Final Verdict:

We really like the Maclaren Triumph Twin. It’s hard to find a side-by-side double that offers a stress-free ownership experience.

Double strollers are very heavy – they require a ton of storage room and are difficult to steer. The Triumph refutes all those stereotypes like swatting a fly. Actually, it’s a really practical option for short strolls round the block as well as long distance travel. 

However, the fact remains that it cannot accept infant car seats – this is a problem for parents who’ve just had or are about to have twins and drive a lot.

If your kids can already sit up unassisted in the toddler seat, then the Twin Triumph might be a very clever and affordable option.


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