Best Maclaren Strollers (The Ultimate Dad Stroller!)

Best Maclaren Stroller

In this post, we’re going to go over the Best Maclaren Strollers available in the US. 

They’re not compatible with car seats but several models work with the Maclaren Carrycot and are usable right from day one!

10 Best Maclaren Strollers

Best Macleren Strollers

1) Maclaren BMW-M Stroller:

Maclaren BMW-M Stroller


I’ll be honest, as a Dad and a BMW Fan – I Absolutely LOVE this one, The package includes a 4-wheeled stroller plus accessories such as a buddy ID tag, head hugger, shoulder pads, lightweight storage bag and high grade wind-resistant rain cover. The BMW-M has a base weight of just 15 lbs and it can accept a child weighing 55 pounds or less.

Buyers Like:

• Suitable for newborns. Comes with Maclaren’s built-in newborn safety system.
• Seat reclines to 4 positions. Adjustable leg rest with memory positioning. Secure M-stripe harness.
• Stroller is compatible with the Maclaren carrycot.
• Is serviceable on your own. Easy availability of replacement parts.
• 4 wheel suspension. Wheel design inspired by BMW
• UPF 50+ waterproof canopy.
• Luxurious leather handle

Buyers Dislike:

• Slightly pricey (still good value for money though considering it’s usable from day one up to 55 pounds)

2) Maclaren Quest Stroller:



This stylish stroller highlights denim-inspired elements such as premium double stitching, back pockets and a genuine denim patch. However, its not all about looks; the stroller is quite practical too. Free accessories include a rain cover, buddy tag, storage bag and head hugger with shoulder pads.

Buyers Like:

• Lightweight and durable. Base weight is just 12.5 pounds. Accepts child up to 55 pounds. Perfect for travelling.
• Compact size – many families use it while flying.
• 4 wheel suspension for an extra-smooth ride
• Comfy seating with safety harness. 4 position recline and adjustable footrest with memory position.
• In-built newborn safety system.
• Self-serviceable. Parts are easily replaced
• UPF 50+ canopy with Sun visor and peek-a-boo window. Lots of storage area

Buyers Dislike:

• No cupholder or parent tray


3) Maclaren BMW Buggy Stroller:


This popular model blends craftsmanship, style and convenience into one hell of a buggy stroller. It weighs just 12.6 pounds and is suitable for kids 6 months up to 55 pounds.

Buyers Like:

BMW insignia on the wheels and buckle. Reflectors at strategic places to improve visibility in the dark
• Easy to maintain. Comes fully assembled. No assembly required. Fabrics are machine-washable
• Seat reclines to multiple positions. Leg support.
• UPF 50+ canopy with Sun visor keeps out UV rays. Zippered mesh panel for better airflow.
• 4 wheel suspension for superb ride quality. This is a rare feature on lightweight umbrella strollers
• Free accessories include rain cover, buddy tag, shoulder pads and seat liner for extra cushioning.
• Register within 60 days of purchase and avail Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warrany.

Buyers Dislike:

• Not suitable for newborns

4) Maclaren Techno XT Stroller, Albert Thurston:

Maclaren Techno XT Stroller, Albert Thurston


This stroller is inspired by Albert Thurston, the legendary British inventor of suspenders. Thurston catered to some of the most influential people in Britain including Kings, successful businessmen and so on. So it’s no surprise then, than the Techno XT has an air of royalty! The styling borrows elements from a traditional hunting jacket, which is reflected in the tartan seat, classic stripe safety harness and elegant quilt accents.

Buyers Like:

• Base Weight is just 15.9 pounds
• Suitable for newborns and all the way up to 55 pounds. Equipped with Newborn Safety System.
• Is compatible with Maclaren’s carrycot
• Includes foot-muff, rain cover, head hugger & shoulder pads plus storage bag
• 4 position seat recline; adjustable footrest with memory position.
• Extendable UPF 50+ waterproof canopy with Sun visor
• Big storage basket.

Buyers Dislike:

• Not compatible with car seats.

5) Maclaren Techno XT Stroller, Spitfire:

Maclaren Techno XT Stroller, Spitfire


This Techno XT pays a tribute to the iconic Spitfire aircraft that were used by the Royal Air Force to defeat Hitler’s Luftwaffe during the Second World War.

Buyers Like:

• It’s light and agile just like the aircraft that it’s modelled upon
• Can be used for newborns and comes with Maclaren’s inbuilt Newborn Safety System
• Loads of free accessories such as wind resistant rain cover, should pads, storage bag, buddy ID tag etc.
• Seat is nice and upright. Reclines to 4 positions.
• UPF 50+ canopy with visor and peek-a-boo window keeps out harmful UV rays
• Adjustable leg-rest with memory position
• 4 wheel suspension
• Easy to maintain
• Compatible with Maclaren carry-cot

Buyers Dislike:

This is a limited edition stroller. Can be hard to find. Grab it quickly if it’s available. (Replacement parts are easy to find as they’re the same for the entire Techno XT series).

6) Maclaren Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar Stroller:

Maclaren Volo Dylan's Candy Bar Stroller


This is the one to pick if you want something that’s ultralight yet durable and practical. The colorful rainbow patterns resemble a candy bar!

Buyers Like:

• Weight is just 9.5 pounds.
• Accepts child 6 months old and up to 55 pounds
• 5-point safety harness is height adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit
• Includes buddy ID tag, rain cover and seat cover.
• Fabrics are removable and machine-washable. Mesh seats provide ventilation for child’s comfort
• Oversized storage basket
• EVA tires never go flat. Swivel-locking front wheels for enhanced maneuverability.
• UPF 50+ hood protects against harmful UV Sun-rays
• Quick and compact fold with carry strap

Buyers Dislike:

• Seat does not recline
• Not meant for newborns

7) Maclaren Techno XT Stroller, Black/ Black:



The Techno XT is one of Maclaren’s most favored models owing to loads to features and cute styling. This one has a lean and mean all black look. It’s also a tad lighter than other variations in the series and also costs significantly lesser, making it a fabulous bargain.

Buyers Like:

• Weight under 15 pounds and yet it possesses premium features such as multi-position seat recline and extendable leg-rest
• Comes with wind-resistant rain cover, Buddy ID tag, head-hugger and shoulder pads
• UPF 50+ hood
• Accepts a kid weighing up to 55 pounds plus supplies
• Equipped with Maclaren Newborn Safety System
• Easy to maintain. Self-serviceable
• Usable from birth
• Very competitively priced
Is available in 6 different colors if you’re not a fan of the black
• Extendable handles

Buyers Dislike:

• Accessories like cup holder and parent organizer are payable extra

8) Maclaren Quest, Black/ Silver:

 Maclaren Quest, Black/ Silver


The Quest weighs in at only 12.6 pounds and accepts a kid weighing 55 pounds or less. The stroller is usable from day one thanks to the inbuilt Newborn Safety System. The package includes a wind-resistant rain cover as a freebie.

Buyers Like:

• Seat reclines to 4 positions. 5-point safety harness.
• UPF 50+ canopy with Sun visor.
• 4 wheel suspension for a luxurious ride. lightweight strollers usually have a pathetic ride quality
• Ships fully assembled. No assembly required. Open and use immediately.
• Wheels, handle-grips, hoods, seats and other parts and accessories are available and easily replaceable. This helps to boost the stroller’s lifespan.
• Meets or exceeds international safety standards
• Compatible with Maclaren Carrycot.
7 colors to choose from to suit everybody’s taste!

Buyers Dislike:

• Misses out on head-hugger and shoulder pads (These are available for free with the Techno XT and Techno XLR)

9) Maclaren Twin Triumph, Black/Charcoal:

Maclaren Twin Triumph, Black/Charcoal


This double-stroller is made for twins or 2 kids that are close in age. It weights less than 22 pounds and can accept two children weighing up to 55 pounds each. Combined weight capacity is 110 pounds plus a few extra pounds of supplies.

Buyers Like:

• Independently adjustable UPF 50+ waterproof canopies with Sun visor and optional air vents
• Seats recline independently to multiple positions and are equipped with 5-point safety harnesses with aviator buckles
• Seats are removable and washable = easy maintenance
• Foot-tap linked brakes
• 2 over-sized storage baskets
• 4 wheel suspension
• Free wind-resistant rain cover
• Goes through a standard doorway. Dimensions: 30.7 x 28.7 x 41.3
• One hand fold. Carry handle

Buyers Dislike:

• Not meant for newborns (6 months and up)

10) Maclaren Volo Stroller, Silver/ Black:

 Maclaren Volo Stroller, Silver/ Black


The Volo elevates the Umbrella stroller to a whole new high. Usually, umbrella strollers are flimsy and unreliable but the Volo boasts of superb build quality and some of its features will put premium full size strollers to shame. Also comes with a free wind-resistant rain cover.

Buyers Like:

• 10.6 pounds. Compact fold with automatic lock and carry strap
• No assembly required
• Adjustable UPF 50+ waterproof canopy with optional mesh vents for increased airflow
• 4 wheel suspension
• 5 point safety harness with aviator buckle. Breathable mesh-lined seat
• Accepts one child weighing 55 pounds or less
• Built according to global safety standards
• Lightest full-size strollers in the world! (Along with Maclaren Mark II)
• Looks smart. 6 colors to choose from
• Steers smoothly and effortlessly
• Affordable price tag

Buyers Dislike:

• Seat does not recline. Only one position
• Not suitable for newborns (6 months and up)

In Closing…

In closing, we hope you enjoyed going through the best Maclaren Strollers in the country.

Do let us know which one you liked most and why! 🙂

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